5 Best Sports To Bet On

Sports betting is one of the most profitable forms of gambling, offering several chances to win for fans that already follow teams closely enough to learn the details of a match. Sports betting is also a regular weekly occurrence that culminates in a big-ticket championship game. During the season, bettors are given many chances to win small. The Super Bowl and other such events give the thrill of high-stakes gambling. And now, with sports betting via convenient apps opening the hobby up to more people, the jackpots are only going to get bigger.

Many US states and Canadian provinces have been upping the excitement by legalizing online gambling. This has allowed many populations that don’t usually gamble to get in on the action as they don’t need to travel to a casino. The effect was instantaneous: US states that legalized sports betting sites in 2021 saw millions in revenue by midsummer. The effect will only be more noticeable in 2022 as states like New York and Canada’s Ontario province are set to open legalized online gambling by February. With so many more players putting in, that’s a lot more money to win.

So how do you get a crack at these massive jackpots? Sportsbook apps are the easiest way. Many offer several different sports and at different levels. You can pick and choose what games to follow and how you’d like to bet. From there it’s a question of preference. Are you a die-hard football fan or is college basketball more up your alley? If you follow multiple sports, you might need to narrow down your attention so you can place more informed bets. So which sports are the best to bet on? Let’s take a look.

American Football

If you live in the United States, football is an unavoidable pastime. People all around your state are passionate about the local team (even if they don’t have a great win record). With so much fervor around the sport, you know that fans are going to be betting big. This is especially true around the Super Bowl, when people who didn’t even follow the season get in on the excitement. Super Bowl 2022 is going to be especially huge for betting, as several states are going to start their legal sports betting right before the big game. First time bettors will be enticed by sportsbook apps’ promo codes, creating giant jackpots that will look great in your wallet.


The original football commands the most energetic fans in the world. The World Cup is always a huge event, and pubs in every country are packed with people watching regular matches. That makes football (or soccer as we say in the US) a prime betting sport. With the rise of sports betting sites and apps, you’ll be able to connect to the sports army of fans and bet on games all over the world.

College Basketball

Office March Madness brackets have been a thing for years, and now it can all go online. The convenience of apps helps to connect fans of college sports, which are admittedly fewer in number then their major league counterparts. But there’s still a lot of them out there, and quite a few are itching to throw down on the next event game.


Hockey might not command the popularity of either football, but it’s going to be one to watch in the coming year. As Canada readies itself to legalize sports betting in 2022, you can bet hockey betting is going to take off.


America’s pastime is sure to see an increase in betting in 2022 as more and more states jump on the sportsbook bandwagon. Baseball betting is a great intro to sports betting in general, as the wagers are pretty simple. You can just bet on who you think will win without having to break down point spreads or individual player stats.

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