Sports Betting as a Form of Entertainment and Lifestyle

Sports betting

Most of us have dabbled in a bet and backed our favorite team but sports betting whether in the physical casino or on website platforms has made serious inroads into the daily lives of a broader and broader spectrum of the population.

With the global pandemic making irreversible changes to the way we interact with the world and entertainment. Sports betting is one of those past times that has morphed and probably benefited from the lockdowns and requirements to stay at home.

For an interesting read on how COVID-19 has impacted gamblers across the UK have a read of this feature from earlier in the month.

Movie Portrayal of Gamblers

The classic 1974 movie The Gambler portrayed James Caan as a gambling addict. And the character portrayal is deep and upsetting but reflects reality in many ways as Art reflects Life.

His character Alex Freed, an English literature professor cannot free himself from the addiction and thrill of gambling. He bets on anything and everything, losing USD 44k in the opening scene is just a precursor to what else he loses in the course of the movie.

Well, this is one extreme lifestyle of what gambling is about and probably the most sensational because we all know someone who has a gambling habit and lost it all but not all gamblers are like this. Of course, gambling is addictive but the majority of gamblers are just casual gamblers looking to blow off some steam or have a thrill bet on a team they are watching.

The Lifestyle It Can Afford

Obviously, sports betting can give you big winnings. A 100/1 bet can land you 1,000 pounds from just a 10 pound bet. Right now, entertainment is hard to come by with all the restrictions in place and income is even harder for some with job losses and closure of businesses.

 Fortunately, most of us can still access the internet and bet online for sports and gaming and if you pick a winner with big odds, you can win big money. That’s one way to live a cool first-class lifestyle of Michelin restaurants, swanky bars and designer dresses.

The other is to be a VIP with a casino or gambling site and be treated as such with free rooms, limousine rides and free gig or premiere tickets. Not bad if you meet the requirements of a high roller. And it doesn’t take that much If you bet with velocity and consistency, you don’t have to wager 1000s per bet.  

Understanding The Odds

One of the great things about all gambling vertices is that there is plenty of information out there to help you understand the betting odds. Casino games like blackjack and baccarat are well documented with a set house edge depending on the particular rules the game uses. Slots use a mathematical quotation to figure out the return to the player (RTP) and players can usually quite easily find out what the theoretical RTP of a slot is. 

However, other forms of gambling are a little harder to understand, such as sports betting for example. However, to make life easier there are odds comparison websites out there that can help you get the best odds for the team, player, or event you want to bet on. If you are a member of multiplier sports book websites, you can take advantage of different bonus offers, get extra bonus cash when you deposit and use the odds comparison tool to spread bets!

Different Levels of Gambling

From a fun pastime to a career, there is the whole spectrum of lifestyles from sports gambling. Betting on the FA Cup finalists or the Masters’ winner can appeal to so many people from all walks of life. 

But especially with isolation now and a lower degree of social interaction, gambling can be habit forming and gambling responsibly is key, only bet what you can afford to lose and like with any hobby or income stream, study it in detail to get better at it.

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