2 Easiest Future Bets To Ride With In The Upcoming NFL Season

Alright football fans, this is not a drill anymore, with the NFL preseason games already over the final stretch of waiting for the start of the 2021 NFL season is upon us. While all around, most of the best NFL predictions experts are already hard at work coming up with the best options for football fans to take for the upcoming action, sometimes all the choices out there and the vast amount of betting options can become frazzling for fans, especially nouvelle betting fans. That still doesn’t mean they should shy away from wanting to bet on NFL action, what it means is that they should start off slowly and work their way into the pro football wagering arena.


Some of the easiest bets to take which don’t really require that much stressing over are future bets. For this kind of betting option fans are basically putting money on how an event will most likely turn out, instead of going week by week or game by game. Here we offer two of the easiest and soundest future bets to take into consideration for the upcoming NFL season.

Super Bowl Contenders and Champion

If you want to talk about the ultimate future bet that could end up leaving you with the most amount of money based on your initial predictions and how the season shapes up, then betting on who you think will be the AFC and NFC representatives in Super Bowl LVI and who will end up coming out as champion is the way to go. This is usually the first betting option you’ll see pop up right after each season is over, as all of the top sports betting platforms around start dishing out future odds for who they think will make it to the NFL championship game next season and take the Lombardi Trophy home. Now, while you might think that taking the favorites from the get-go is the safest choice, the good thing about a future bet is that as the season progresses, if there’s a time to go with your gut and take every team as a potential contender, you could be looking at making some serious bucks if you were to strike gold by picking any sleeper teams instead of the leading favorites.

In both of the respective NFL conferences, the AFC and NFC, the two defending champions usually end up getting the nod for future preferences when talking about favoritism to win the Super Bowl in the upcoming season. For 2021 for example, in the AFC Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs look as great as ever as top picks to repeat as AFC champions and to make it to the Super Bowl in California. Other teams such as the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans are also making strong claims for the coveted spot in the Super Bowl futures odds list.

In the NFC, once again it’s all about Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who after beating the Chiefs in last season’s Super Bowl showdown look as ready as ever to run it back once again and try to repeat their 2020 championship run. Other teams like the Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers though might have something to say about that as they both look like Tampa Bay’s main competition for the NFC spot in the Super Bowl.

NFL Most Valuable Player Award

This is another really easy future bet to get started with, especially if you’re an avid NFL fan who is constantly watching all the action unfold week in and week out. While betting on a team to go all the way to winning the Super Bowl is one thing, when it comes to individual player recognition, there is no bigger award than winning the season MVP award. The award basically entails that the player who won it put on the best performance out of every other player in the league, with their skills and playing aptitudes putting them over everybody else. Now, while this award usually leans heavily towards quarterbacks, every single player is game, the thing is to know how to pick who you think has the best chances to truly stand out above their competition and leave their mark on the season. The key here is to always keep an eye on your picks for their stats records, injury reports and other tidbits of information that might help you strengthen your bet or derail it, causing you to find another option.

The two main favorites to win the 2021 NFL MVP Award for almost all experts and analysts around the league are Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. With Mahomes you have the face of the future of the NFL. A player that has come to change the way we understand the role of the quarterback in professional football. With Rodgers on the other hand you have the exemplification of what legendary status means on the football field. Aaron Rodgers is a generational talent that can easily be put right up in the conversations of best players to ever play the game.

With that said though, picking a non-QB player is also an option, for example, Rams DE Aaron Donald, who can easily be taken as the biggest difference making player on any defense in the NFL. With this bet you can literally pick anybody in the league, just remember to have fun with it and hope for the best.

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