3 Things You Should Know About Sports Betting That Bookies Don’t Want You To Know

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The world is progressively becoming a betting nation, with a Statista Survey indicating that the global gross gambling yields at least USD 400 billions annually. Accompanied by surging figures of immediate access to fast-speed internet across the globe and the number of online gambling platforms, the global annual returns in the betting industry is definitely going to enjoy an upward trend into the future if all the prevailing factors remain constant.

If you are into sports betting for leisure or for a living, there are several secrets that the bookies don’t want you to discover, lest you make a fortune out of them. The three a-must discover items that the betting firms have been keeping from you hence the magnificent profits they reap as the years unroll include:

1)    They will persuade you into multi-staking

Despite promising a big win from small stakes, going by the principles of probability, multi-betting will always lower your chances of winning by increasing the degree of risk you take relative to the number of accumulators considered. Have you have pondered why there are a series of bonuses laid out for multi-wagers? The 10%, 5%, 50%, 100% bonuses which expands in value as your chain of accumulators grows, or the 95% return on stake upon losing one out of your heavily detailed multi-bet? They don’t want you to win! Hence, they will boost the chances of you losing by luring you into multi-betting that bears high risks.

Consequently, regardless of the life-changing promises that come with multi-betting, be cautious enough to make them the least percentage of your punting combinations. In fact, many professional gamblers who are making systematic wins have always testified to the fact that their bet slips mostly consist Single Betting options.

2)    Their odds are not always a true reflection of probability

Atop persuading wagers into cumulative bets through a series of overpowering bonuses and money-back guarantees, bookies can publish odds that are far much divergent from the best estimates, giving them an even better edge of banking your stakes. Nevertheless, what can you expect from a business out to accumulate as much profits as possible? The bookmakers will work hard to ensure that they not only stay in business, but also reap maximum returns from the business, even if it means engineering the odds to their advantage.

What does this mean to you as a wager? It is upon you to make an extra effort in finding the best estimate of outcomes to expect out of a game. Do not work purely with the odds and forecasts the bookies provide.

3)    Bookies make profits regardless of the outcome

Whatever odds you will always encounter in your wagering career, they have an in-built advantage in favor of the bookmaker, commonly known as the over-round. For example, a bookie can slightly reduce their odds from the true probabilities determined for a given match, resultantly, they will rake in some percentage amount from every win in addition to the losses.

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