5 Benefits of Writing Every Day

Some people write and some don’t. Some write high-brow literature and some write commercial pieces. And then there are some who write solely for themselves. Whether you write for the public eye or strictly for your personal gratification, it is always a good idea to strive for at least a few lines daily. In fact, even if you do not consider yourself to be much of a writer, it might be worth your while to develop the habit of putting pen to paper for a little bit of your time every day. Why, you ask? Let’s explore.

• Skill improvement:

Why do players practice their sport regularly, even when there is no tournament coming up? Why do singers religiously voice-train themselves as part of their daily routine? The answer is simple: they aim to improve. Similarly, writing every day will improve your skills as a writer: you will write more effortlessly and with greater lucidity. Even if you do not seek to publish, the everyday needs of writing emails, letters, applications, and job pitches means that the ability to write well is a skill worth aspiring to for all. After all, practice makes perfect.

• Connecting better with self:

When you make it a point to write everyday your writing becomes reflective of your various moods and emotions – the mirror to your soul. Putting your thoughts in words every single day helps put them in perspective. You begin to connect better with your dreams, aspirations, and principles – otherwise easily lost in the rat race of everyday life.

• Effective expression:

The thoughts inside your mind may be swirling around in all their vagueness. But when you commit to penning them down, you give them a coherent form. When you write regularly, you begin to master the art of articulating your views and opinions effectively. More often than not, this gives you the confidence of expression: the line between the introvert and the extrovert begins to blur. Learn about Custom Essay Meister.

• Recording the past:

The past, they say, is an excellent teacher. We learn more from our experiences than the greatest of textbooks. And when you record those experiences in the written form, the experience of recollecting and writing about it adds to the experience itself. The result is an extremely profound impact. Besides, when you write you consciously or subconsciously contribute to the reserve of historical record.

• One day it might turn into a book!

Regular writing has its own spiritual and developmental benefits, but if indeed your talent flourishes, you might someday end up creating a bestseller out of your daily records. After all, that young girl writing a diary about everyday life with her family in a secret hideout in Hitler’s Germany did not expect to become the Anne Frank we know today.

Now that you know how much good may come off it, go test the might of your pen! Remember: at least a little bit every day. You will only emerge enriched.

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