3 Savvy Ways to Market Your Ecommerce Store

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Somewhere along the way marketers seem to have forgotten the most important aspect of their job. Yes, digital content like blogs should educate, inform, delight, and excite visitors. Social media posts should allow your business to connect to and engage with leads. And there’s nothing wrong with building relationships with your consumer base. At the end of the day though, all marketing efforts should be geared toward sending traffic to your most profitable pages –– in other words –– your ecommerce store. Because, let’s face it, moving product is more important than garnering clicks, likes, and shares. Here then are three ways you can realign your marketing strategy and slyly incorporate aspects of ecommerce into your current campaigns:


Every business has fans online. The people who follow you on social media and leave positive reviews on third-party sites are invaluable to your success –– in more ways than you may realize. That’s because when someone mentions one of your products in a blog or digital article, it provides you with the ability to gain a meaningful backlink to one of your product pages. Keep tabs on who’s talking about your business online and be willing to reach out to them. Sure, asking for someone to link to your ecommerce store in one of their blogs might be an awkward exchange at first, but remember –– these are people who love what you do! Odds are they’ll be happy to help if you ask.

In-Depth Content

There’s a time and a place for a professional blogger to contemplate grandiose ideas and talk about ephemeral topics. On the other hand, some of the best business blogs prioritize product-focused content. What is product-focused content? Well, first, it’s not an advertisement for your business. Instead, it’s about using your blog to explain complex products in greater depth. So, for instance, if your company sells lab equipment, you can use a video blog to demonstrate how to properly handle cellstar culture flasks. In this way, you can still provide valuable material to your visitors while also plugging your online store at the same time.

Use “Inbound” Advertising

Is it possible for ads to be anything other than outbound? We believe so. Paid ads online can prove massively beneficial for a company looking to promote their ecommerce efforts –– if handled properly. For starters, only pay for advertising on sites you know (or have good reason to believe) your leads frequent; paying for ads on a website that has nothing to do with your company is nothing but a waste of time and money. Furthermore, you should actively manage any pay-per-click accounts you’ve registered with Google. Writing seasonal ads and removing them once a promotional period has past will likely boost your return on ad spend. Just remember to deactivate any time-sensitive ads. You don’t want to promote an end-of-summer sale in December!

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