3 Effective Ways to Use the Split Screen Effect in Business Videos

Split effect

At first glance the split screen effect may seem like a strange choice to use in business videos. It basically divides the screen into two (or more) parts, and each part will have a separate video playing on it.

Over the years however the split screen effect has become a fixture in business videos. That is because there are several ways that it can be used effectively to convey information:

One of the most popular ways in which split screen effects are used is in videos that compare products. With the split screen effect you can record video footage of each product separately and yet place both videos side by side within your video.

While it is true that you could physically position both products side by side and record them in a single frame – it isn’t quite the same. The split-screen effect will allow each video to have its own camera viewpoint, so you can point both cameras at the exact same part of the product at the same time.

In short the split screen effect will let you make better direct comparisons.

  • Different perspectives

Another way in which the split screen effect is often used in business videos is to show different perspectives simultaneously. This method is frequently used in guides or tutorials that have complicated actions, and by showing the same action from two (or more) perspectives you can allow viewers to see what is being done more clearly.

By that same token this will also allow to show different scenes at the same time. For example your video could show a light switch being flipped on one side of the split screen, and the light coming on in the other.

  • Duplicates of people

Arguably the most interesting way to use this effect in business videos is to ‘duplicate’ people within the same video. For example you could record a video of the subject having a conversation with himself.

To use the split screen effect in this fashion, you need to record two separate videos of the subject but ensure the background is identical. Then you can combine both videos in a split screen and line up the background so it appears as though there is a duplicate person.

Besides using split screen effect to duplicate and clone people, Filmora9 Video Editor provides 2 more creative ways for cloning people in the video, you can download the free trial version and have a try. 

As you can see the split screen effect is not only a unique and interesting effect – but it has practical uses that you could take advantage of when you create business videos. Naturally it would help if the editor you use enables you to apply the effect easily, and for example in Movavi Video Editor you just need to follow the instructions at https://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-make-a-split-screen-video.html.

Now that you’re aware of the ways that you can use the split screen effect in business videos, you can add it to your toolkit. The next time you make a product comparison video, how to guide, or some other piece of content – think about whether or not using the split screen effect will help put your message across more effectively.

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