Archives for June 2020

6 Ways to Help Your Office Team Stay Healthy and Productive

Your office team’s productivity is essential to your company’s overall efficiency and performance. You can help staff to stay productive by encouraging safe working practices and promoting personal health. Here are six things that you can do to maintain a healthy and productive workforce. 1.Train Staff About Office Safety It may be helpful to address […]

6 Essential Growth Tools to Try in 2020

One sure way to measure the level of success of your company over the years is to take a look at its growth rate. From its inception to its current position, the company has been growing. It is, however, important to note, that there are different levels of growth as well as different paces for […]

7 Tax-Related Questions Regarding Charitable Donations: Can You Reduce Your Taxes by Making a Donation?

The constant changes to the tax code are enough to make people’s heads spin. It is confusing to keep track of what can be deducted and what cannot, especially when it comes to charitable donations. Fortunately, friendly and helpful tax attorneys are available to answer questions, so you know where you stand with your charitable […]

Struggling to Find Startup Funding

Would you invest in something that isn’t credible?  Yeah, I guessed it right. Well, this is what most of the investors and banks or financial institutions think. To finance a startup, it becomes a crucial hesitation between what if it doesn’t bloom and the money is lost? Credibility, credit ratings, uncertainty, poor credibility of the […]

When It’s Okay to DIY Your Marketing (and When It’s Not)

Marketing is the most essential aspect of any business. It involves two major things: time and money. Also, marketing research can be lengthy and expensive. That is the reason many small businesses today are opting for do-it-yourself (DIY) marketing and PR. However, to get it exactly right on your own, you need to find the […]