Things To Consider When Looking For Affordable Flower Services

When it comes to weddings, celebrations, and events of all kinds, there’s no denying that flowers are the perfect touch. While looking for a cheap florist in Singapore, you will find that this is a widespread request among Singapore brides-to-be. No bride wants to spend an arm and a leg on wedding flowers, so they […]

How do you Layout a Podcast Intros

You know what’s in trend! PODCASTS Oh yeah, podcasts were developed in 2004. Mind you the word used here is ‘developed’ because earlier this was known as ‘audio-blogging’ and dates way back in the 1980s. The question here is – if this is such an old concept then why has it become so ‘in’ only […]

Struggling to Find Startup Funding

Would you invest in something that isn’t credible?  Yeah, I guessed it right. Well, this is what most of the investors and banks or financial institutions think. To finance a startup, it becomes a crucial hesitation between what if it doesn’t bloom and the money is lost? Credibility, credit ratings, uncertainty, poor credibility of the […]

Start-ups in 2020?

Planning to build your own business? But worried that the pandemic might have blown that opportunity away? Are you at crossroads with what to do? Here are some views of people who have started their businesses just before the lock-down and some who plan to start amidst or soon after. A list of four questions […]