6 Ways to Help Your Office Team Stay Healthy and Productive

Your office team’s productivity is essential to your company’s overall efficiency and performance. You can help staff to stay productive by encouraging safe working practices and promoting personal health. Here are six things that you can do to maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

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1.Train Staff About Office Safety

It may be helpful to address office safety topics when you do other types of training for your staff. Topics addressed can include moving equipment safely, maintaining good posture, and taking breaks to stretch and move periodically. Your staff will appreciate that you care about their health and comfort and you’re taking the time to provide useful information about it.

2. Use Visual Reminders to Promote Safety

When your team is hard at work and rushing to meet deadlines, they may occasionally forget to perform their work safely. This may include moving equipment around the office, accessing supplies, and even performing work at a desk. Helpful visual reminders such as office safety posters can help staff to stay conscientious about working safely and maintaining good posture while at their desks.

3. Provide Ergonomic Office Equipment

Your staff may benefit from office furniture and equipment that is designed to offer ergonomic support. It’s important for everyone to have comfortable seating that has adjustable height as well as lumbar support. Some staff may also benefit from having a small footrest to alleviate strain on their knees, hips, or lower back. In addition, using a vertical mouse or a split keyboard can help to reduce the occurrence of wrist injuries caused by using a computer for an extended period of time. When your staff is able to complete job tasks with more comfort and less pain, they’ll work more productively and have better focus.

4. Offer a Wellness Program

You may wish to consider incorporating an employee wellness program into your benefits package. Program components may include fitness club or gym memberships, telehealth services, and tobacco cessation support. When your staff is physically well, they’ll be absent from the office less often and also be better able to do their best work.

5. Pay Attention to the Air Quality Inside of Your Office

Some large office buildings have what is sometimes referred to as “sick building syndrome.” This results from poor air quality within a large space, commonly caused by improperly serviced HVAC systems that circulate air containing irritants, dust, and even mold. If you’re concerned about the quality of the air coming out of your office’s vents, it’s advisable to get professional help from an HVAC or mechanical engineering company to identify any possible problems and learn more about what you can do to improve air quality.

6. Encourage Employees to Work From Home When They Need To

When people are ill with a cold or a virus but not feeling so run down that they can’t work, they’ll be likely to come into the office rather than call in sick. When employees come in sick, there’s a strong likelihood that they can spread a sickness throughout the office, even when they’re careful about covering coughs and washing their hands. If possible, it may be a good idea to give people the option of working remotely when they are sick. Making this option available allows people to avoid taking time off and stay productive while also protecting the rest of your office staff.

Promoting health and productivity by providing training materials and posters about safety, investing in employees’ wellness, and allowing people to work from home when needed can enhance efficiency and individual job performance. In addition, it will foster a positive company culture and strong individual work ethic among your staff. 

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