Archives for April 2020

Handling Reputation Management: 9 Tips to Follow

There is no denying the fact that the internet holds immense power when you are thinking about your brand and the perception that it has created in the online market. Your website might be the best and the services that you offer are amazing but in case if any negative review is becoming viral, everything […]

MAGFAST CEO Seymour Segnit on the Art of Great Design

For MAGFAST CEO Seymour Segnit, the journey from ideation to completion for his revolutionary line of interlocking magnetic device chargers has been full of surprises, challenges, and left turns. On his quest to change the lives of consumers all over the world, he’s discovered important innovations, made major discoveries, and constantly refined and improved his […]

How different Industries use AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to develop and improve so that it can make life easier for business owners and customers. Many industries take advantage of AI to handle different parts of their business while they tackle other issues. Here are some different industries and how they use AI to help their businesses succeed. E-commerce E-commerce […]

Top 10 Apps That Will Help You Stay Motivated

Motivation goes a long way in life when we are keen to achieve our goals. In our daily hustle and bustle, the zeal and enthusiasm to perform often get lost in translation. Yet, it is so important to stay inspired and have a positive mindset.  Imagine a busy Monday morning, you are trying to meet […]

Can the Quality of Education Affect the Management of a Business?

For anyone to succeed in any business, you need to find the right education to do so. As such, we can easily state that there is a mutual relationship between business and education. Today, many people invest in various ventures. Some do succeed while others fail. But now, what could be the causes of that? […]