Reasons Smart Small Business Owners Must Invest In Security


Small business owners may not expect that they need to worry about security breaches – surely it’s only big companies like Apple or Microsoft that are targeted by hackers? Actually, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that hacks can happen to any company, no matter how small the website or network. Not only that, but obvious security breaches make you more likely to be targeted. Here are the biggest reasons why you should be investing in your online safety.

The High Probability

There’s a high probability that you might be the victim of a cyber attack, even if you aren’t expecting it. Hackers often target big websites, putting their malware in ads and on pop-up pages that you might unsuspectingly click on. From there, they could get access to your computer and whole network – and they only need to take a look around to see that you are a business owner with something to lose. While they may capture lots of useless data, you will stand out as a good target for further attacks. Statistics from security providers like McAfee indicate that these attacks are becoming more frequent.

The Cost

What’s the cost of a successful attack? You could lose money directly, as well as experiencing a loss of revenue if your website is shut down or corrupted. You may lose customer trust and loyalty if their details are leaked, and you could end up having to pay legal fees if that information is used in a malicious way. You could also end up getting a lot of bad PR. For a small business, this could mean the end, as operating costs become unobtainable and customers leave in droves. If you don’t invest in security, you could pay the ultimate price of shutting the business down and losing any personal finances tied up in it.

The Target Size

If you don’t have security, the size of the target on your head is huge. As we said above, hackers are normally looking not for the size of the business, but the size of the vulnerability. If you get hacked as a small business, it’s not bad luck or a random event. It’s simply because you didn’t put the right security measures in place. Sooner or later, that target will be irresistible to someone.

The Criminals

As Cyber Crime becomes more and more profitable – not to mention easy – lots of criminal organisations are moving into this sector. It has also become a tool in international warfare under the surface. Imagine how disrupting the businesses of a country on a widespread scale could weaken that country and the economy within it.

The Human Element

Even if you trust yourself and think that you would never make a mistake, we’re all human. We all screw up from time to time. If you have any employees, or if any other members of your family might connect to your work network, you need that security in place to defend against their mistakes too. It doesn’t matter who opens up that vulnerable spot – the criminals will be jumping on it all the same. You simply can’t trust that everyone will take as much care as you to notdownload bad software or click on the wrong ad.

If you want to keep your company safe and strong, you absolutely have to invest in security. Without it, it’s only a matter of time before you find out just how devastating a hack can be.

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