Archives for March 2016

Are You Missing Out on a Job Because of Social Media?

When you’re doing your research on a company and checking out their social media sites, don’t forget that it works both ways. Just as you can gain an insight into the company, companies can gain insights into your personality and work ethic from your social media sites. Don’t let all the time spent perfecting your […]

Startup Marketplace in 2016: Finding New Areas in the Market

Getting tired of your current job? Do you find that there’s just too much competition in your current industry? Are you looking to expand your skill set or simply try out new things? Want to make some extra income on the side?  Along with people’s growing desire for more things and the rising middle-class in […]

How Installment Loans Help Your Business

as It doesn’t take an accounting expert to figure out that a business cannot operate without money. From operational costs to investments and expansions, a company must have the necessary cash flow to take them from point A to point B. If you find that you’re low on cash, looking to other alternatives to increase […]

How to Keep Your Costs Low When Running a Home Business

Running a home business can be an exciting and a profitable way for you to follow your dreams. But in order to be successful, you need to lower your costs, just as you would in any other work environment. How can you go about cutting your costs and keeping them low when running your home […]

Traits of a Good Leader – Mentoring On and Off the Job

The true sign of a good leader is in how he or she is able to mentor others, bringing them along on the ride to success. A good leader is a mentor, both on as well as off the job because employees don’t stop living when they clock out and what they do off the […]