Are You Missing Out on a Job Because of Social Media?


When you’re doing your research on a company and checking out their social media sites, don’t forget that it works both ways. Just as you can gain an insight into the company, companies can gain insights into your personality and work ethic from your social media sites.

Don’t let all the time spent perfecting your CV, pinpointing the right tone of voice and crafting an engaging cover letter all go to waste because your social media site lets you down. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re showing yourself in the best light on social media.

Perfect your profile picture

The most import point of all, your profile picture is your first impression on social media so it’s vital you get this right. It takes just seven seconds for someone to form an opinion of you, so first impressions really do count.

Show your personality in your profile picture but make it your professional personality. Rather than showing the nights out, the drinking and the countless selfies, show off your hobbies instead and the sort of activities you’d talk about within an interview.

Give your handle a makeover

Just as you may have had to change your email address to a more professional name, your Twitter handle needs a professional make over too. You may not pay your Twitter handle any attention any more, but your interviewer will. Along with your profile picture, your Twitter handle provides a potential employer with a lasting first impression of you, so make it a good one and keep it appropriate.

Master tone of voice

Tone of voice can completely alter how you’re presenting yourself. You may be putting out great content that’s interesting and relevant, but without the correct tone you could be completely putting off your potential employer as well as your audience. Be interesting and friendly, show that you’ll fit in within the current team and not rub anyone up the wrong way. Try not to rant over social media or act in a childish manner.

Present yourself

It’s become common knowledge that employers may be put off hiring you based on your less than professional on social media. In particular, photos of drunken nights out, being hungover, or any animosity about a current or past employer could put you in a bad light. This doesn’t mean you can’t be yourself on social media, just be careful and keep anything that could be considered a turn off to a private profile.

Don’t brag

Bragging or lying about your skills is a big no. Your Twitter and LinkedIn pages have become an extension of your CV in this digital age, so just as lying on your CV can get you into trouble further down the line, your social media pages can do just as much damage. Remember that everything you’ve made public on the internet will be scrutinised by a potential new employer, so make sure you get the job based on your actual skills, not those you’ve exaggerated, this will only be embarrassing in the future.

If you’ve been having difficulty finding a job, perhaps you need to take a look at your social media platforms and spruce them up a bit. Find more advice on everything from your CV to your interview outfit on Nationwide’s careers site. Plus if you get your social media sites looking good, apply for a job in one of the top 100 companies to work for. Find your career here.

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