Startup Marketplace in 2016: Finding New Areas in the Market

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Getting tired of your current job? Do you find that there’s just too much competition in your current industry? Are you looking to expand your skill set or simply try out new things? Want to make some extra income on the side?  Along with people’s growing desire for more things and the rising middle-class in developing countries, a lot of different business opportunities are becoming available and you only need to expend some effort and willpower to tap into the potential of these things. Here are some new areas of the market that have the potential to be lucrative opportunities.

Teaching English Online

If you’re fairly confident about speaking to strangers, and have a bit of passion for teaching, this might be an interesting side-job for you if not a full-time opportunity. Eager students from other countries look for native English speakers to practice their English on and have conversations with. There are usually ads for this on websites like Craigslist depending on where you live, other than that, some research may be necessary. There are already some online companies who capitalize on this but if you’d like to do some freelancing of your own the most basic things you’ll need are a personal computer, a good internet connection, a headset, Skype, and a PayPal account and you’re good to go.

Freelance Writing

We live in a very interconnected age where information flows freely through the internet. It’s also because there’s so much information out there that companies and individuals really struggle to stand out among so many others. The demand for quality content writing has been rising in recent years especially with the popularity of online blogs, review websites, and social media.

Buying and Selling Gold

While investing in gold is by no means a new opportunity, it continues to be a lucrative one. The value of gold may have taken a dip in the past few months but if you have some scrap gold, like old jewelry, bits and pieces of broken jewelry, or old gold coins, you can still make money from it by selling to reputable gold buying websites. Or you could also explore the “gold buy and sell” market if you have the capital and expertise to run a similar concept.

Leasing Real Estate Properties

If you have some properties near colleges and universities, you can have them leased to college students looking for off-campus housing. The internet has revolutionized the real estate industry and with websites like Done Dorming, it makes it very simple for both lessors and lessees to advertise and find property rentals. Not only do they provide a platform for potential tenants to find the most suitable property for their needs and budget but they also help landlords get to know their tenants better, making the whole leasing business much easier on both parties.

There are many more opportunities that are sure to come this year. Never turn your head away from problems because that’s where business opportunities come from. If you can help people solve an issue for them, they’ll probably be willing to pay you for it. Always stay positive and keep your eyes open.

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