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business management

Clear your mind, doing small jobs, maybe whitewashes the house, to start from a fresh and clean physical place. The idea can come at any time, so buy a notebook and always keep it with you.

Investigate the competition

Some companies publish financial statements, organization charts and reports on the Internet. You can also take a look at the competitors secretly, putting what they offer to the test. Fancy yourself customers.

Prepare a concise but complete business plan

He must trust you and anyone who reads it. Define goals and potential for success, with figures for turnover, profits and customers. With the Dynamics Report now you can have the best deals available and that also within the budget that you have.

Determine if you are solvent

The quick ratio is the simplest accounting data to calculate, and perhaps the most important. It is equal to the total of the money you owe the most to those you have in the bank, divided by the sum you owe your creditors.

Don’t forget about taxes

There is VAT on purchases and turnover. Quarterly tax payments must be made. VAT can strengthen or damage liquidity. And delaying the payment of taxes or contributions you deduct from your employees’ salaries is a thoughtless choice.

Emphasize the benefits of the product, even with the name

He must clearly communicate what you do. Choose the colors of the brand well, green refers to the environment, red to aggression and blue to cold. Register the trademark at the Chamber of Commerce.

Choose direct sales

When few orders are enough to reach the goal; when the product-service is complex or tailor-made; when you operate on a local basis.

Use a distributor

In this way you reduce the risk of finding yourself with outstanding debts. A distributor must be paid by all customers. And when he succeeds, reward him.

Make a list

At the end of the day, list the things you need to do the next day. But devote at least 20% of the time to administrative matters, the disposal of requests and the resolution of problems.

Charge the price of an extra if you have to pay extra

For example, environmental protection laws complicate life when it comes to packaging. If you take care of deliveries, collect the used packaging and recycle it, or reuse it.

Choose a specialist accountant

If you work with companies similar to yours (or the one you plan to reach), they will have a greater sensitivity and more consistent with your real needs.

Get a commission

If the deal you are proposing is too big to handle, let your supplier make a direct agreement with the customer, then ask for a commission.

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