How to Write the Perfect Essay for Your B-School Application

B-school essays are exceptionally important element of the application process. Top business school’s admissions boards want to know the real person behind the resume. They want to know the motivations of that individual, their dreams, what makes them outstanding from others, and what that individual wants to become in terms of their career goals and how they would like to achieve those goals.

With this understanding, it is important, therefore for the person writing the application essay to first conduct a self-reflection of themselves by focusing on their strengths, weaknesses career goals etc. They should take an objective reflection of what they will be bringing in the B-school and how they would like the school to improve them. Secondly, just like in a job interview, it is important to have a background information about all that the B-school is offering. Browsing through Android and iOS apps can help students to get that information. Equipped with this information, the individual can then start to write the application essay.

Several tips can help students pitch an effective essay that will secure a spot at the top in the admission’s board list. First, it is important for the applicant to think carefully through the topic. The applicant should then outline the issues that he or she would want to discuss on the essay and write a draft. The person should then write the essay and proofread through it to ensure that it has no grammatical errors, sentences are flowing and the overall essay is interesting and lively. They should give someone to proofread the essay as well and counter check whether the essay has perfectly addressed what was asked.

In conclusion, the applicant should be real in his or her paper writing and approach the essays with a high level of sincerity, integrity and professionalism. The essay should consistently sending the right message about the candidacy of the applicant and pass important points.

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