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For several years now, on the Internet, there has been a real “gold rush” caused by website builders. These services offer tools for crafting a website with everything you need for next to nothing and within a few minutes. It’s a piece of cake compared with hiring a team of web pros, web designers, etc. or a web studio. Even a complete newbie can handle it. Despite the fact that the current SaaS web-building nich operates with more than one hundred online website builders, according to research most of them require at least basic coding skills to create even a simple website. But what should you do in case if you’re a complete newbie but still willing to create a website on your own? Let us uncover the answer to this question.

ukit – Is it a good website builder?

uKit – is the platform that allows everyone to create a modern high-quality site and, at the same time, doesn’t require any coding skills. This is a commercial project tailored to the interests of small businesses that want to invest less and get more. 

Besides fair pricing plans and user-friendly interface, their customers enjoy one more advantage: by creating a site yourself, you know how it is constructed and how it functions. That means you won’t have to pay extra money for managing the site, you will be able to edit the site yourself in the future, update the content, etc. It takes 20 minutes to get used to the system and achieve your goals.


uKit provides one of the best foolproof interfaces of its kind. All the pages consist of blocks containing such functional elements (widgets) as a gallery, texts, contact forms, tables, cards, social media buttons and more. You can also use ready-made blocks prepared for different purposes: contacts, content, testimonials, etc. The blocks can be added, edited, moved, removed, ordered and so on.

Experts’ thoughts:

uKit website builder comes with intuitive and modern interface. It is devoid of unnecessary functions and stages that slow down the web design process. This makes the service highly effective.

Howard Steele, uKit review at

uKit website builder is probably the most modern builder around, bringing together all the latest trends of web design. With uKit you don’t even need to have basic technical experience.

Malcolm Thomas, uKit review at

uKit is a serious option for small or local business owners looking to create a website to showcase their business online with relative ease.

Lee Raybould, uKit review at

The service has a wide range of widgets, each can be customized. For example, for the Slider widget, you can enable animation effects, automatic scroll, button settings and more.

Roughly speaking, uKit consists of two parts – Dashboard and Editor. The Dashboard is your one-stop location where you can easily manage your account and websites, see your billing information including payments filtered for a particular website, and get assistance from the uKit Support Team. Here you will also find various useful tools like Google Analytics that helps understand your traffic to create a great marketing strategy and effective campaigns, learn what search queries bring traffic, understand which social platforms to pay attention to and so on.


Another tool, Promotion, shows if your site is optimized enough based on 5 criteria: texts, images, widgets, meta tags, and a domain name. If there’s a weak spot, you get advice on how to improve each of them. This is sure to help the users achieve the desired results.

One more feature installed in the uKit builder is amoCRM which keeps track of all potential customers and orders and helps increase your sales. It’s very easy to integrate your website with amoCRM but the service itself isn’t free. Nevertheless, it’s worth it as the system collects info about each client and sends reports to your mail, so this functional element may stand you (especially online store owners) in good stead.

Another advantage you can take of uKit is an SSL certificate that you can enable for your website. It creates a secure link between your site and a visitor’s browser. By ensuring that all data passed between the two remains private and secure, this technology prevents hackers from stealing private information such as credit card numbers, names, and addresses.


An SSL certificate wouldn’t come amiss for those who sell products or services and accept credit cards online for website security. If you don’t sell online but want to add credibility to your site, an SSL certificate may be sufficient otherwise Google shows the site as unsafe. 

The editing panel has three modes of work: Design, Builder, and Site Pages.

In the Design mode, you can select a color scheme and background — one for all pages, or different schemes for each page. It’s also possible to activate the “Back to Top” button, site version for visually impaired and enable animation for widgets. 

Considering the templates, it is certainly one of the strongest points of the uKit builder. Firstly, the service has a rich library. Secondly, the templates are grouped into themed categories. Thirdly, they are beautiful and modern. Moreover, you may like the classic design of landing pages, too, as they are not only just stylish but also feature the clear structure and informative full-fledged blocks.


It’s better to select a template of your sphere as it will let you create the site much faster because all you need to do is to change the default texts and pictures. What is more, all the templates and the site, in general, can be customized for all devices. 

In the Pages Mode, you can add or delete pages, change their order and names, edit their content, etc. Besides, you can configure pop-up windows that are normally used to notify your clients of special offers, offer a subscription to the company’s news or offer a callback option at the preferred time.

The Builder Mode is the focus of your work. This is the place where you can activate the widgets which are numerous. Using some of them you can create a great online store as the platform has all the necessary tools for that. Actually, there are three ways you can do it: with the help of the Product widget, the Card or Price List widgets or with an external widget from Ecwid which is easy to set up on your uKit website. The store settings let you connect and configure payment and shipping methods, customize the order form for buyers, choose currency and units of measure for your store, and more.

builder mode

If you already have a store on Facebook, uKit has an option for converting your Facebook page or group into a uKit website in a flash. 

At any time, you can preview the result before publishing the site. It should be noted that spoiling a site built with uKit is very hard. Anyway, the service offers you to create a backup copy as it saves the version of your website in a particular moment of time so you will be able to return to this version later in case you made something wrong. In addition, you can give the third parties access to the uKit builder but their rights are limited. Nevertheless, the Builder automatically creates backup copies of the site after temporary access has been given.

To sum up, uKit is sure to be a top modern website builder that has all the necessary tools and features for creating a successful website whether it’s a multi-page site, landing page, blog, online store, promo website, etc. With uKit, you can create everything! The platform developers keep on upgrading it and adding new features to meet the users’ needs and preferences.

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