Why your Brand should Focus on User-Generated Content

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User-generated content(UGC) is the electronic form of word-of-mouth. UGC is when users express their opinion, suggestions, and recommendations on online platforms such as social media, reviews, comments. Reviews on Amazon and recommendations on Tripadvisor are a great example of UGC. Simply speaking, it is the non-media content produced by regular people or independent experts and reviewers. We have seen the recent trend in the rise of mobile and tech reviewers who give their opinion about the product mobile phones, laptops, electronic gadgets and more.

Because we understand that producer-generated content; the advertisement, for instance, is where brands will display their biased opinion regarding the benefits their product has to offer and is less credible. So why should brands focus on user-generated content?

Reason 1: HIGHER Credibility

Online credibility mainly comprises of individual’s personal experience with the brand/product and trustworthiness. Even though you can question the reliability of an unknown source and their expertise but according to a 2014 study, consumers prefers UGC rather than traditional promotional methods. A popular trend in the travel industry where customers are requested to leave their feedback on Tripadvisor or Google maps.

Reason 2: Positive attitude towards UGC

Consumer’s positive attitude towards the brand helps lead to positive buying intention. UGC on social media platform like Instagram, for instance, is a positive indicator of the popularity of a product. Brands like OnePlus have over 900k posts on Instagram with #oneplus , #iphonex has over 6.8m posts. For travel related brands, having location-based pictures are a great source of information for consumers to identify if it is worth visiting that city, restaurant, or bar based on the UGC.

Reason 3: Improved Brand engagement

As mentioned in reason 2–higher engagement on social media platforms, posts, likes, comments, and shares are positive indicators of brand’s relation with the consumers. According to SocialProof,  “In some cases to kick start things, paying for social media likes and followers is a good strategy to give the consumers the perception that this page or brand is regarded valuable by other customers but you still need good content or product on your website to ensure the user spends their valuable time browsing your website or mobile app.”

To conclude, how to implement the UGC strategy is subjective based on the industry but it can actually help save money in the long run by giving your existing customers/users discounts on next purchase or Amazon gift card to leave a comment, post a picture, or write a short blog.

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