Train Your Agents to Be Real and Create an Authentic Relationship With the Customer

Having a customer support live chat is a great thing. It can mean that the customers stick around and stay with you for years because their problems are being heard and they are finding solutions. Making a relationship with your customer is one of the most important things to retain that relationship and earn the […]

Can Minimizing Wait Time Be Beneficial For Your Business?

When’s the last time you actually enjoyed speaking to a support rep over live chat?  Or have you ever bragged about how the first person you chatted with resolved your issue? (that too in a matter of minutes)?  For most of us, it’s rare. You have more than likely been on this side of the […]

Aim for Agility to Give Great Customer Support Over Live Chat

Consumers want to live chat, voice, email and social means to interact with a company and its support team – and they still expect each to deliver a personalized experience. A whopping 75% of them expect a consistent experience wherever they engage, reports Salesforce. Today’s consumers have busy lives and would rather not spend an […]

Break Down Your Tasks and Time to Achieve More

Usually, people feel overwhelmed because they see a task as this mammoth mountain that they need to tackle. This is a rather natural response to when a new task comes our way. When you receive a new work, a new project or some new opportunity comes along – always take a moment to reflect on […]

How to Choose the Right SSL Certificate for Your Website

Getting an SSL certificate for your website is a smart move to cultivate visitor trust and make your website safe from a data breach. When people trust your website, it makes them come back again. Picking the right SSL certificate and the vendor is challenging as many providers to bundle up extras making purchasers lose […]