The No Contact Rule: How to Regain Your Sense of Self Post-Breakup

Breakups hurt, especially if it was a relationship you really invested into, whether it was with an ex-lover, friend, or even a family member. There can be dozens of reasons why things came down to break up as well, and you might want to just let the other person know that you are hurt and […]

How to Organize Your Thoughts

Every day there are millions of thoughts going through a human mind… thoughts of work, home chores, other responsibilities, that random fact from 4th grade, that one song you heard a week ago, and so on and so forth. While all these thoughts might be amusing, not all of them are significant to the present.  […]

5 Best Mixer for Podcasting

Podcasting is a relatively simple yet efficient way of reaching your audience. But like any other modern communication method, podcasting needs its own set of equipment like a recorder, mic, different software, etc. An audio mixer is one such equipment. While using an audio mixer when podcasting is not something mandatory, it can actually help […]

5 Tips to Have a Healthy Work-Life Balance

We spend most of our adult lives either at home or at work. These two places become the most important parts of our lives because we need both for survival. It is important to have a balance between both. Here are some tips to help you achieve the balance: 1. Fix Your Priorities Any busy […]

Big Brand Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses

When small businesses seek to use social media to promote themselves, they usually tend to have smaller budgets as compared to the big brands. However, having a small budget does not mean that you won’t be able to create a huge impact through social media just like the big boys do. Below, we will look […]