6 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Cybersecurity

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Are you worried about another cyberattack like Ransomware in 2020? 

I am glad to tell you that you can circumvent such attacks by raising your awareness and knowledge about this subject. You don’t have to be an expert in cybersecurity. Simply follow those who analyze and research this subject on a daily basis. People like Hasher Ezade and Eugene Kaspersky work in this field and it would benefit immensely if you can follow them on Twitter. This post is all about helping you do just that.

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Here Are the 6 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Cybersecurity


US-CERT is a federal organization responsible to protect the citizens of the United States from potential cybersecurity attacks. It is a Department of Homeland Security.

On their Twitter account, they share news, headlines, advice, and useful information on the topic of cybersecurity. You should definitely follow them as it is one of the most reliable sources. They also share links to conferences happening in various cities.

2) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency- @CISAgov

CISA is also a part of the Department of Homeland Security. Unlike US-CERT whose primary objective is to warn the nation on potential cyberattacks, CISA takes care of protecting the Nation’s critical infrastructure from physical and cyber threats. You definitely need to follow their Twitter page if you own a tech business.

3) Microsoft Security- @msftsecurity

We all love products created by Microsoft. Whether it is the Xbox or Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft products are found in almost every home. @msftsecurity is the handle of the Microsoft Security Team. Shoot them a DM anytime you need some information or help on a security-related issue.

4) Hasher Ezade- @hasherezade

Hasher Ezade is a Software Engineer, Malware Analyst, and Consultant based in Poland. She is the creator of three security applications named PE bear, PE sieve, and HollowsHunter. You can find all her work here. Follow Hasher on Twitter to know her opinions on cybersecurity. 

5) Eugene Kaspersky- @e_kaspersky

If you have ever used a Windows machine, I am sure you might have heard the name Kaspersky Security. Eugene Kaspersky is the CEO of Kaspersky Security. He is been in this business for the last 30 years. I am not sure whether he will respond to your DMs but you can definitely follow his for the latest news and updates in the world of cybersecurity.

6) NatlCyberSecAlliance- @StaySafeOnline

National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) is a non-profit organization that arms you with vital insights on cybersecurity. Their primary goal is to create content that is accessible for everyone who wishes to use the internet to carry out financial transactions or business in general.


These are the six Twitter accounts you should follow to familiarize yourself with the world of cybersecurity. Organizations like US-CERT, CISA, and NCSA let you in on everything that’s happening in this field. Plus, you can DM them with related questions