Why Should You Use An Employee Handbook Software For Your Business?

Hiring new people and walking them through the company policies and procedures can be a daunting task to complete. There are a lot of things to be covered like introduction to company culture, communicating employee expectations, making rules & regulations clear and explaining employee benefits.

You cannot expect to communicate these things to your employees in an old-fashioned way. There are a number of modern techniques and tools used to improve how information is communicated at the workplace. One of which is an employee handbook.


An employee handbook clarifies company policies & procedures and ensures consistent implementation of goals, mission, vision, objectives and culture. 

Having an employee handbook software for your business serves numerous useful purposes. Some of which are mentioned here.

1. Saves Time And Effort

Manually designing a handbook takes a lot of time and dedication and no company’s HR has that much time on their hands. And on top of that, keeping it up-to-date can be even more frustrating because workplace policies are always changing depending on the company or employees needs on a case to case basis.

Using an employee handbook software like AirMason provides customized or pre-designed templates which makes it a lot easier to create an employee handbook without going through too much hassle. Also, keeping a track of how many employees are actually reading those policies becomes a breeze.

2. Introduces Employee To The Company

The most important section of an employee handbook is the introduction of an employee to the company. This entails the story of the organization, the vision it has, its mission statement, company culture, the unique selling proposition that it offers, what sets it apart from others in the industry and last but not the least how can the employee easily blend in to the culture of the organization.

This way, the employees have a clear idea of what it is that they’re signing up for. They can also easily evaluate if that is the sort of work environment they want to be working in and whether the company seems to fulfil the employee’s long term goals or not.

3. Helps Employee Know What Is Expected Of Them

It is important to educate employees about the company but it is also equally important to educate employees about their role in the company. When you are recruiting newbies, it is essential that they be made aware of their role and responsibilities in the company and how their contributions will add value to the business. 

This is a great way to get better results from your employees as this makes them aware of the general company procedures, timekeeping, reporting, their rights & responsibilities and employee benefits.

4. Automatic Compliance Updates

Employee laws can change on a federal, local or industry level anytime anyday depending on the location of the company. Alot of handbook builders provide the feature of automatic updates in accordance with the changes in the workplace laws.

Image changing policies in a manual employee handbook every time a new law is in practice! An employee handbook software lets you customize the policies just in case your company comes up with flexible workplace policies and introduces new policies from time to time.

5. Improve Enterprise-wide Communication 

Effective communication between departments of an enterprise plays a very critical role for the growth of a business. Good communication ensures healthy teamwork and hence the prosperity of a business while poor communication can be a total disaster. 

When every team member is aware of their responsibilities and their role in the wide scheme of the business, they are able see the bigger picture and contribute productively to the business. Features of an employee handbook software like automatic updates and signature tracking ensures that every employee is staying up-to-date on whatever is happening in the company.

Obviously there are a number of other ways an employee handbook software can prove to be productive for your business. We’ll leave it to you to find other reasons.

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