How to Get Better Results From Your Employees

Your employees are integral to your success. They help your business grow, they provide necessary assistance, and their intuitive ideas can open new paths for future progress. However, getting the desired results out of your employees can sometimes feel like a hassle. Low morale, lack of motivation, and outdated toolkits can all impact productivity and efficiency.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to align strategic priorities, achieve action items, and boost productivity. All you need are some useful resources and teaching tools.


Use goal-setting software

Part of keeping employees accountable revolves around monitoring goal progress. While you likely have a set of company priorities, you need to facilitate individual goals as well. It’s a useful way to ensure your employees feel as though they have a stake in your business. An effective way to do this is through the OKR methodology. OKRs—objectives and key results—are incredibly helpful for setting goals, assessing strategic priorities, and tracking metrics. If you’re unfamiliar with how OKRs work, you can always rely on the aid of a software solution, much like the ones offered by Workboard.

Workboard develops OKR software that can help you monitor key results, set action items, and rethink your company’s priorities. The goal of the Workboard support team is to ensure that your company priorities remain in alignment throughout each workday. The Workboard platform ticks off every box when it comes to key results, business plots, and even individual plots for growth. Startups and established companies alike can benefit from incorporating objectives and key results in their overall business model. Plus, setting up a Workboard account is easy and intuitive so you won’t feel like you’re facing a steep learning curve.

Invest in continued learning

If your employees are passionate about topics that could benefit your business, find ways to facilitate their education. Say you have an employee that’s interested in coding and wants to learn Python. They’ve set up a free GitHub account but are having a difficult time following the forums and understanding concepts like “import matplotlib.pyplot,” and “returned figure object.” Why not pay for a Python class for them? They can learn about plt.subplots, axes objects, basic plots, maintainers, np, 2d arrays, and how a tuple works. Then, your employee can apply all of that newfound knowledge to your business’s growth and development.

Ongoing growth is incredibly important to many employees. Too commonly, an employee starts to feel stagnant in their role which can drastically impact productivity and output. By providing for education, you’re giving your employee something to work towards.

Incentivize performance

Everyone loves perks and rewards. They help drive employee performance and improve productivity. By incorporating incentives into your workday ventures, you can push your employees to work harder and smarter. Why not consider providing wi-fi to employees? If they hit certain goals or markers throughout the month, give them a choice between providers like Comcast and Cisco. It doesn’t add up to a major expense for you and is a sign of goodwill towards your employees. Of course, you can provide other incentives like phone plans, in-office perks, and more that can help your employees feel excited about every day at work.

While incentives don’t have to be one of your company’s priorities, they can make a real difference around the workplace.

No matter what you choose, it’s important that it feels beneficial to your business and less like employees are being punished. You want to boost morale and encourage professional growth, not stifle it. By investing more in your employees and their development, you’re much more likely to see major returns.

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