Why Security In The Workplace Matters

Workplace security

There’s no doubt that any modern office or workplace isn’t complete until it’s secure. What that conventionally means – at least these days – is that company data is kept secure, but what this article is more concerned with is the physical security measures on the work premises. That means the ID card systems, the cameras, the manned security stations, etc. These are the sorts of security precautions that not only curb criminal activity, but also create a healthier work environment and project a sense of professionalism to clients, customers and partners.

If you’re a recently opened business, and are waffling back and forth on whether to implement certain security measures, let this article make in unequivocally clear: you will see a return on investment from security, albeit not always apparent. Here are three key reasons why security matters to your – and any – workplace.

Curbing Theft

As it pertains to businesses, theft can take many forms: it could, of course, mean traditional theft of materials, such as supplies or money; it could mean data theft, where either an intruder or unauthorized employee steals company data; or it could be time theft, that nebulous HR term applied to any employee lounging around for too long. A physical security measure like ID cards can help with all three.

For traditional theft, ID card systems keep out intruders, and restrict access to employees (for instance, keeping lower level employees out of certain storage or warehouse portions of the workplace). For data theft, the same principle of restriction can be applied. And for time theft, ID cards can track log in and log out times for employees, keeping everyone honest. All you need to do is order an ID printer, or upgrade your ID card printing machine to include new capabilities, and you can successfully curb theft.

ID card

Maximizing Work Performance

As mentioned, ID cards ensure that employees are tracking their time honestly, which helps boost productivity, but another way that security maximizes work performance is altogether simpler. When employees feel safe, they are able to perform their job better. A workplace that feels susceptible to intrusion, disruption and theft is not conducive to focused work, and your productivity could suffer as a result. Keeping manned security at the doors, cameras on the wall, or an ID checkpoint gives everyone in the workplace peace of mind.

Presenting Professionalism

If your workplace sees a lot of visitors, whether they are clients, potential clients, customers or new hires, you understand that their impression of your workplace is very important. You want to project an atmosphere of professionalism, and one of the ways you can do that is by expressing a commitment to safety. However implicitly, a security system communicates care and dedication – you print a visitor ID card for your new interviewee, and they’re going to know that they have applied to a serious workplace.

It may seem like a small thing in the grand scheme of your business, but security can have far reaching implications. It matters greatly in the success of your workplace.

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