Retaining Relationships: How to Connect with International Clients

International clients

It’s essential to stay connected with your clients to develop strong working relationships, communicate on projects, and discuss any issues or potential problems. However, in today’s digital age, technology has made it easier to communicate overseas. To help you build long-lasting relationships, find out how to connect with international clients without the expensive costs and hardships.

Slash the Cost of International Calls

Let’s face it, overseas phone calls can accumulate over time, which can result in an expensive phone bill that can eat away at your bottom-line. You must, therefore, strive to slash the cost of international calls so that you can maintain superb working relationships with your overseas clients. Click here to learn more about how to makecheap calls India.

Pay Attention to Time Zones

No client will want to be awoken in the middle of the night. If you want to avoid frustrating your customers, you should pay close attention to their time zones, so you only telephone them during working hours. All you need to do before you call is review the World Clock to identify if it’s acceptable to call. If it’s not, send correspondence via email or pre-arrange a time that suits both you and the client, even if you need to make the phone call at 9pm. You can also trust they will appreciate the attention you have paid to their time zones, which will increase your professionalism.

Carefully Interpret Emails and Communications

English might not be a client’s mother tongue, so there might be some differences or mistakes in the language during communications and emails. Unfortunately, this could result in crossed wires that could lead to different ideas or expectations. It is therefore important to carefully interpret all emails and communications between you and the client, so you are 100% confident when embarking on a project or service. If you’re unsure, don’t make any assumptions and ask the client for further clarification, which you can do by relaying what the client has said and asking if your interpretation is correct.

Be Specific About Currency

The last thing you will want is to be paid a lower rate than expected for your services, and your client won’t appreciate having to pay out more for a seemingly affordable product. Avoid conflict and frustration and be specific about the currency you want to be paid in for the completion of a project or service. For example, you must state if you want to be paid solely in US dollars. Alternatively, you could customize your rates to reflect your clients’ currency, so they will know exactly how much they will need to pay.

Be Aware of Cultural Differences

Before you start communication with an overseas client, you should take some time out of your busy schedule to research both their local customs and professional etiquette, so you don’t make a big error when talking or writing to your clients. For example, it is rude to talk amount money upfront in some cultures, while a hard-sell will be instantly rejected in others. Australia is a prime example of cultural differences, as a self-deprecating introduction is often more appealing than a self-promotional approach.

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