Why Flash Drives are bought in Bulk..?

The reasons behind the bulk-buying of flash drives are obvious when they are bought by retailers whose job is to sell them further to other consumers: they want greater profit out of each sale and keep their stock at a healthy quantity to avoid shortages. These are the two main reasons for bulk buying by retailers. Other parties such as office managers, students, education institutes and businesses bulk order flash drives due to several reasons. Here are some of them:

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  • Bulk buying by offices: It is the responsibility of every workplace to provide their employees with all the tools they need for work. In an office where a lot of work is done on computers and is digital, a means of data transfer without having to go online is essential for sensitive and confidential information. Flash drives are ordered in large quantities by resource managers to provide all employees with a USB stick.
  • By colleges and universities: Colleges and universities are a big purchaser of large quantities of USB drives. Some universities provide a resource pack to all students before the start of every academic year which includes the tool they will need for the year; flash drives are one of the most important objects in this resource pack. Apart from providing these to students so they can use them for submitting assignments and projects, these educational institutes also provide these drives to their teachers and professors and other faculty.
  • For marketing: Using flash drives as a marketing tool is a very famous technique used by international businesses. They bulk order flash drives and have their logos or special messages printed on the USB sticks in order to promote their brand. They bring the custom made USB drives to tradeshows and distribute them away. Another very good technique is to pre-load the flash drives with all their ads, campaign, articles, and catalogs. People who attend these exhibitions or tradeshows often throw away brochures, catalogs, and booklets as they go back, but they are very likely to hold onto the custom USB stick. Bonus benefit: This is a green solution to rather using paper to make booklets. As these custom drives stay with those people, they will probably go back home and plug it in their laptops and see all the interesting content you’ve put in them. This is will result in people visiting your websites and maybe ordering your products if they find something they’re interested in. 
  • For use as a business meeting give-away: For instance, you have created a PowerPoint presentation that you will explain during your meeting with a prospect. You can have multiple custom flash drives prepared and pre-loaded with your presentation and other related files and more importantly your contact information and a link to your website. When the meeting is over, you can distribute the drives to the attendees of the conference. This will help them remember to plug in the drive and see your proposal in detail. If you had provided your contact information and website in addition to the presentation, expect to receive a reply soon.
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