Why Enterprise Cybersecurity Should Be a Top Priority for Your Business

If 2017 was the year that ransomware became a part of daily discussions among enterprise executives and IT professionals across a number of companies, then 2018 is – hopefully – the year when cybersecurity takes over as the hot topic. Firms across the globe are reinforcing their security defenses – and here is why your enterprise can’t afford not to do the same.

Your Clients Expect It

Unfortunately, hacker attacks have risen dramatically lately – but the silver lining is that this has led to increased awareness about the threats that lie out there. This means both that you can better prepare for it and that clients know what to expect from you. Especially major clients will be the ones that will know what to look for – and you definitely do not want to discourage them from pursuing a long-term business relationship with you because you failed to invest enough funds in IT security. Show them that you take their security seriously and take appropriate measures to protect their data from malicious hackers. A data breach could cost you more in damaged reputation than the money you could have allocated to prevent it in the first place.

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Regulatory Bodies Will Be Looking for It

Regulatory bodies are also taking cybersecurity seriously – and they are looking for proof that you are doing the same. You need to come up with a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that includes technical and organizational measures advocated by regulators. Setting up a WAF to protect your web applications from attacks and keep sensitive data safe can also help you achieve compliance by adhering to PCI-DSS requirements. And, make sure that your staff is up to speed with data security requirements, especially when dealing with sensitive and financial information.

Your Employees Need It

Cybersecurity training and awareness is key to keeping your firm protected, as your employees could be your strongest allies or your downfall in the battle against cybercrime. Research suggests that over 40% of security incidents are due to negligent employees, and 96% of consumers believe that most data breaches have something to do with careless insiders. They might be on to something, as 1 in 4 Americans admits that they do not turn off or lock their computer before leaving work. Remember: your company is only as strong as its weakest link – and investing in employee training can help you avoid embarrassing security breaches.

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