Can Event Technology Help Your Business?

Can Event Technology Help Your BusinessThanks to emerging technologies, you can reach and influence customers that would otherwise sit beyond your reach. You can now reach customers a block away from your business, as well as those in crevices across the globe. You also can reach customers more quickly and can get information in their hands within seconds. Event app technology enables you to automate tasks that might absorb much of your time. You also can create more efficient campaigns that target customers on a personalized level.


It’s important that you efficiently manage your events. Top event management systems will enable you to manage your events from start to finish. You can set up and source venue locations and vendor offerings. You also can set up online registration and print attendance badges. You can set up self-service kiosks so that event attendees can register and check themselves in to your events.


You need to know who’s registering for your events and their responses to those events. Event technology enables you to track customer experience in real time, so you’ll know almost instantaneously if your event is a success. You’ll know if you’re reaching your target ROI just as fast. You also can conduct event surveys that give you immediate feedback about the attendees’ experience. You can quickly see what the attendees like and the segments they dislike so that you can make adjustments in your next event. The goal of any marketing event is to capture customers, and event technologies can help you respond to potential customers quickly.

Marketing and Promotion

Consumers spend considerable time on the Internet, so to promote your events, you’ll need an event website. The cost of promoting your event via the Internet is minimal compared to print ads, television or radio promotions. Event technology enables you to incorporate social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote your events. For example, you can set up automated status updates on your event’s Facebook page, or you can tweet special happenings about your event on Twitter. You also can use event technology to send out automated emails to confirm registrations, send out updates and provide information about your event.

Mobile Technologies

More than 90 percent of all adults in the United States own a cellphone, according to the Pew Research Center. Smart phones are usually with their owners –- at all times. So, event technology enables your business to reach these customers at crucial times. For example, if a potential customer is near your event venue, you can push event ads to their phones as they browse the Internet. The customer can then quickly tap your event and see all that it offers.

The Bottom Line

Event technologies enable you to share information about your event in real time. You can blast personalized ads to potential attendees via their cellphones, tablets or personal computers. You can share event slides with them while they’re in attendance at your event, and you can track the results of your event quickly. Event technologies also can be extremely inexpensive. You can implement some technologies yourself, and this translates to almost zero cost – you still need to pay for your Internet service. Other technology vendors let you pay per attendee. This means your cost is proportionate to the size of your event.

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