Why Accessible Parking Is A Must For Your Business

A fleet of cars parked in the parking area.

People will view a business as more than only a place to spend their money. They get to know everyone who works there and could form lasting bonds with the staff. It may be especially true for clients that need an extra hand in getting their daily necessities.

A person with different abilities wouldn’t only need more attention inside the store, but on the outside too before they even set foot in the store. Although these individuals are resilient and often self-reliant, they would like to feel included in the general population. One way of assisting them with this would be to have accessible parking at the businesses they need to frequent.

Businesses that cater to every type of client they may receive through their doors will be more successful than their competitors, and below are some of the reasons why:

1. It Allows The Business To Comply With The Law

Some countries or regions of the world will have stringent laws on the accessibility of buildings, including local small businesses. When a person with different abilities can’t enter or exit a building quickly, many legal issues could arise for the company.

Depending on the area the business is in, they could receive a hefty fine from the local authorities for not complying with the guidelines for accessible parking. Another possibility is that the company opens itself up to lawsuits from patrons that can’t use its services.

Although the laws and specifications that businesses must follow will differ in each country, they will generally have similar stipulations. Like how ample the parking space should be, the location of the parking space, and that there’s an indication of where the parking is in the form of handicap parking signs.

2. People Will Be More Willing To Visit The Business

The parking area of a business is the first contact point that customers will have and will already start to form their opinions and first impressions about how the company will welcome them into the store. Those with different abilities may avoid the business altogether if no parking is available to get into the store quickly.

Family and friends of those with disabilities may also boycott the store if they firmly believe that the business doesn’t cater to the best interests of their loved ones. With fewer people wanting to support the company, they could significantly decrease sales of their products or services.

Competitors that have adequate facilities like parking and bathrooms that are accessible to all will, in turn, benefit them as the customers may walk over to them instead. It may be hard to imagine that parking spaces and facilities could draw in more business, but it logically makes sense to include as many different customers as possible.

3. It Gives The Impression That The Business Cares

People with accessibility problems could value their freedom, autonomy, and unique capabilities more than anything else, often rising above their circumstances. Businesses that choose to show their support for these individuals will give them the feeling that there’s someone else that places the same value on them.

Shoppers who feel included and appreciated by the business are more likely to display their loyalty and return in the future. A company that shows its commitment to making the customer experience pleasurable can count on the support from their customers who know they’ll be comfortable being themselves in that particular business.

4. Provides A Sense Of Safety For Customers

Safety is a significant concern for every business, staff, and clientele. Parking areas are prime spots for criminals to take advantage of vulnerable employees and clients when they get into or out of their accessible cars. It may be even more daunting for someone with a different ability as they have to spend more time exposed.

Another concern they may have is making it into the building safely by crossing busy roads, for example. For this reason, it’d be best practice for the business to have accessible parking spaces closer to the entrance. It’ll also assist clients with mobility problems to get into the building quicker due to the shorter distance, making them less of a target for criminals.

To Summarize

Businesses have more to think about than their next sale; they need to consider all of their clients and their ability to reach their premises in the first place. When businesses include more people in their immediate demographic, they’ll ensure their clients can happily do business with them. Being inclusive shows a different side to a company, and this is something everyone will notice and support, especially for those more vulnerable than themselves.

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