4 Benefits of Indoor Mapping for Stadiums and Arenas

Stadiums and sports arenas are becoming bigger and more complex, as they have to include more and more facilities for their visitors in order to compete with other forms of widely available entertainment.

With bigger stadiums comes the challenge of visitor navigation. Complex facilities are always harder to navigate through and without any sort of supervision and support, visitors can often find themselves lost with no idea where to go.


Keeping this in mind, stadiums must change the way they take advantage of technology going forward. One way of doing this is by making use of indoor mapping and navigation apps that enable stadiums to unlock unforgettable experiences for their fans.

In this post we’ll be discussing some of the benefits of indoor mapping for stadiums and arenas.

1. Parking Spaces

One of the biggest fears of stadium fans is not being able to find a parking space upon arrival at the venue. Finding parking space can be a big hassle that really brings down the whole experience for fans, and can waste a lot of their time. 

Indoor mapping apps can help alleviate this and provide a seamless journey from couch to stadium seat. Digital maps can help provide up to date information about parking spaces such as pricing, occupancy, restrictions, and more. 

Some apps can go a step further and recommend a parking space that has spaces left and is the closest to the visitor’s entrance gate (according to their seating). 

Once a fan has parked their car, navigation apps can even help them navigate the fastest path to their seat. Indoor mapping apps really make this experience seamless.

2. Marketing and Promotion

Thanks to the seamless transport experience facilitated by wayfinding apps, some fans might arrive a bit early to the sporting arena. As they might have some time on their hands, this is a great opportunity to show them some of the events and promotions going on.

By digitally mapping a colosseum or stadium, wayfinding apps can direct fans towards the nearest attractions such as face painting, raffles, live music, restaurants and so on.

Modern stadiums have a lot to offer, and wayfinding apps make it easy for stadiums to promote all the forms of entertainment to their visitors.

3. Easy Access to Amenities

Indoor mapping solutions provide easy access to amenities such as washroom, merchandise, or food and beverages.

Should a fan feel a sudden need to eat or go to the bathroom, they don’t have to waste their time launching a multi-floor search. They can simply refer to the wayfinding app on their phone and know exactly where to go to accomplish what they want within the stadium.

4. In-Seat Experiences

Indoor mapping solutions enable stadiums to deliver in-seat experiences that simply were not possible before. If a fan feels like they’re hungry but are reluctant to leave the seat as they might miss the game’s precious moments, they can simply order food directly to their seat (some stadiums are already doing this). 

Of course to fully take advantage of these experiences, stadiums need to offer unimpeded access to internet connectivity. You’ll be surprised to know that most NFL, MLB and NBA stadiums across North America offer WiFi to their fans, so wayfinding apps can be guaranteed to work.

Final Thoughts

Modern stadiums employ a variety of tactics to enhance their fan’s experience. What fans really want is a seamless experience from the comfort of their home to the chaotic environment at a stadium. 

This is why indoor mapping solutions are so valuable for stadiums, as they take out a lot of the chaos that fans have to endure.

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