Which Factors Affect The CNC Machining Tool Selection?

CNC machining is one of the ways to manufacture a product. To be able to do this you obviously will have to use tools. This is a major part of CNC machining actually. Which tool you have to use depends on a few factors. Below you can find a few examples, although there are many more. In fact, it might be smarter to ask CNC machining services. These companies are experts and will definitely know which tool is the right one. Some factors are outlined in this article. 

Part size

The weight of a part does not influence what CNC machining tool technology is required. Instead, it is the dimensions of the piece. An engine block, which is a part with high tolerance levels that heavily relies on proper machinability, is big enough to demand specific tools for machining. However, size alone does not determine a product’s complexity. Some smaller parts are very challenging, while large parts may be extremely simple. 

Part tolerance

On top of that, selecting a CNC machining tool may be influenced by the part’s tolerance as well. A new machine that is often very expensive could be purchased to handle essentially any tolerance required. On the other hand, the processing of this part is key to achieving the accuracy that is demanded with essentially every complex part. The processing consists of several things, including how to hold the part, when to perform which features, and which cut to make first. 

Part processing

Furthermore, a specific tool for CNC machining may be selected based on the processing of the part. Consider the amount and order of operations that are needed to machine a piece. A lathe will be required for turning, while a mill will be used for cutting a surface. Even how the part needs to be held to the machine specific angles. To increase efficiency, you may decide to use a multitasking machine if it is cost-effective to purchase. 


The quantity that has to be produced by CNC machining will impact the selection process as well. This mainly depends on the lifetime of the project. If this is years, the quantity might justify purchasing a piece of equipment specific to the product. This is the case since there will be so many parts created by the tool, so the return on the investment should be fine.

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