Ready Steady Go! How to get your Office Space up and Running Immediately

In our globalizing world, movement and fluidity are key to any successful business plan. Keeping options open to expand regionally can be easy and effective to manage when done well. It’s important to know how setup office anywhere at any time in an efficient manner to keep up with any important up and coming business plans. The excitement of getting a new working space and starting up a business in a new environment can often be bogged down by the costly and confusing logistical matters that come along with it. There are however, progressive models that offer quick-smart setups for businesses in today’s rapidly moving industry. Utilising professional services as well as organising yourself before moving into a new office will ultimately make for a smooth and timely transition for getting any office space up and running.

  1. Seek some assistance

A job is always well done with someone by you side. Models such as Servcorp’s serviced offices in Hong Kong provide fully-furnished office spaces and meeting spaces that can work with any regional or time constraints. Servcorp specifically allows you to rent virtual office space and be ready to go immediately anywhere in the world. It’ll give you phone coverage, Wifi, IT infrastructure, meeting rooms and decent office space in Hong Kong and more than 155 other locations worldwide. Renting in Hong Kong can be a very confusing process that will put a lag on setting up offices. Utilising the progressive measures that come alongside a globalising generation help you to stay one step ahead and have office space ready immediately with the click of a button.

  1. Check list

A little bit of preparation goes a long way. Before making any decisions, make a checklist of what you want in an office space to make sure you are looking in the right places. Traditionally you’d want to consider individual desk space as well as meeting room spaces. You don’t want to end up doing all your meetings in coffee shops on the fly. Making a simple checklist will mean that when setup time comes there won’t be any stress about what should and shouldn’t be there. Consider whether you want a space to be shared and co-working or individualised. Doesn’t there need to be a car parking spot, a kitchenette, an office suite or a conference room? If you are setting up a permanent office space, consider what long-term needs are necessary: setting up Wi-Fi, comfortable and inviting furniture, window space, natural lighting.

Travel Light

Alternatively, if you aren’t settling down in a particular office space for too long, don’t get caught up in too many minor details. Try and live as efficiently as you can. Opt for using a laptop or a phone rather than have countless pieces of paper and documents to lug around. It’ll be less confusing and keep things more safely documented when the time could to get your office up and running. Utilise technology as much as you can to organise dates, emails etc. Mobility is key, so take the time to instil measures in your routine that will allow you to adapt to any office space. Make your primary mode of contact your mobile phone rather than relying on a land line. Additionally, furnishing and finding space doesn’t have to be done on location. Opting for a virtual office model like Servcorp grants you the flexibility of finding and setting up office space from the other side of the world without having to worry about confusing real estate documents.

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