What You Need To Know About B2B Podcasts

Many B2B marketers are switching over to podcasts rather than focusing on the traditional text-based content for the web. This shift mainly has to do with the realization that you can gain more by conducting B2B podcasts rather than simply neglecting them. If you consistently ensure that you deliver top quality B2B podcasts, you stand a good chance of becoming a major influencer in the industry.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Do B2B Podcasts

If you have not thought about doing B2B podcasts, then the following reasons will make you change your mind:

Ideal For People Who Hate Writing

Many people write articles for their websites not because they love to write, but because there is no other way to get their message across to the public. And, for such marketers, B2B podcasting is the best way to connect with others since all you have to do is talk. In some cases, the marketer might find that they actually have an incredible knack for communicating and influencing their followers while talking compared to putting it into words. And if you still want some word content for your website, you just need to hire a freelancer to transcribe the B2B podcast.

Tap New Audience

Just as you don’t like to write content, there are many people who do not like to read too much content. And, when you only focus on publishing written posts, you lose out on this big market. However, if you start B2B podcasting, you will be in a position to attract this audience and expand your follower base.

Better Engagement

B2B podcasts offer one of the best ways to engage with your followers. When publishing posts, you only interact with the readers through comments. However, with podcasts, you can speak with them live. So, if you are talking about how the new export policy will affect the US food processing industry, then your followers can call you live, ask their question, and you can clear their doubts. Plus, hearing someone’s voice rather than reading a piece of text will always have far greater impact on people since the human voice will be able to express its emotions. 

Branding Advantage

Another huge advantage is branding. By constantly putting out top quality podcasts that educate and enlighten your followers, you will be able to position yourself as an authority. In short, you will become a brand yourself who will be trusted by hundreds and thousands of followers. And the most obvious advantage is that you can tap your authority to make profits.

Tips To Help You Do B2B Podcasts Correctly

Once you start your own B2B podcast, you need to ensure that it always fulfills the expectations of the listeners. And to this end, the following tips should be useful to you – 

Consider The Audience

When doing any podcast, you should always keep the audience in mind. Since you cover B2B, all your podcasts must focus on topics like the new trends in B2B advertising, marketing options, new services that help B2B marketers make more money, and so on. If your podcasts deviate from such topics and start talking about other things that have no relation to B2B, then your listeners will start losing interest and will eventually stop listening to you.

Podcast Length

Many marketers wish to know what the ideal time limit of a B2B podcast should be. To answer this question, you must first look at your audience. The vast majority of your listeners will be those engaged in B2B business and will always be busy with their work. As such, it is very likely that many of them will be tuning into your podcast mostly during their commute to and from work. Given this knowledge, you should try to keep the podcasts at around 15 minutes. This should be enough time to get the message across to the listeners without them feeling bored or compelled to turn it off.

Conversation Style

Hold B2B podcasts in a conversation style. Do not conduct it as a set of instructions where you read from a prepared script in a monosyllabic tone. Your listeners will be bored very quickly. Instead, write down the points on a piece of paper and then talk about it naturally as if you are talking to someone in front of you. This will give the podcast a personal touch making it relatable to the audience and increase your audience base.  Plus, also look into improving your podcast voice.

Podcast Frequency

Regarding how frequently a B2B podcast must be conducted, it is ideal to keep it to a bi-weekly or a weekly schedule. If you take too much time in between a podcast, say a month, then people will be so far removed from you in between that they might forget to tune in when the scheduled date and time for the new podcast arrives. In contrast, if you hold a podcast very frequently, then it is very likely that people will find it difficult to tune into all of the podcasts and will eventually lose interest since they won’t be able to keep up with the schedule. It is for these reasons that you are advised to keep the podcasts to about a week or once every two weeks.


During a podcast that involves talking or debating with the audience who call you on the show, things might get out of control and you may end up saying things that can damage your reputation. To avoid such incidents, it is always good to have a moderator on the show who will preside over the talks and ensure that it does not get too heated. And, if you are lingering on becoming aggressive to the other party, the moderator can always chime in, thereby avoiding any unpleasant incident. Plus, a podcast that features a moderator will always look more professional than the one that does not.  

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