What to Expect from Mario Golf: Super Rush Game?

The story of a short and pudgy Italian plumber hailing from mushroom kingdom dodging, running, and jumping his way through obstacles and bumps all to save his lady love, Princess Peach has become folklore and a legend in its own right within the gaming community since Nintendo first introduced it in 1985. Since then, Mario, created by Japanese video game developer Shigeru Miyamoto, has appeared in more than 200 video games, sprinting his way into video gaming history. 

Over the last thirty-six years since its first release, Mario has been known as a man of a million hobbies and professions, including that of a poker dealer in Picture Poker. This version is a fun and engaging single-player minigame offered in Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros., where players are able to compete in a multiplayer mode and compete against Luigi in a bid to win a flush or maybe a full house.

However, poker games aside, this summer, the Italian plumber turned pro as a golfer yet again in the all-new Mario Golf: Super Rush. The release date for the game has been set as June 25th, and as per the first impressions, it will be a blast to tee up, and we endeavour to give you a glimpse into it as you lace up before hitting the greens.

Technical details:

  • It’s playable by up to 4 people.
  • The file size is 4.9GB.
  • 10 supported languages.
  • You can play it via TV, tabletop and handheld modes.

A Refreshing New Way to Learn the Nuances of Golf

With technical terminologies such as bogies, birdies, and pars thrown around routinely in the game of golf, the sport is laden with jargon making it difficult for not avid golf fans and casual gamers to wrap their heads around. In this regard, Nintendo has worked hard enough to understand its target clientele, that most of its gamers might not necessarily be golf aficionados, to begin with. Therefore they went ahead and came up with a useful glossary packed with the game’s terminologies which would go some way in assisting players to get a fair idea of the sport that is golf.

It is the little things in the grand scheme of things that Nintendo has tried to get right that makes all the difference as the glossary serves as a helpful tool, especially for people who are either looking to learn a bit about golf as well as for casual gamers looking to try their hand at this fun take on a rather serious sport. 

Mario Golf Features Exciting Boss Fights 

As per the demo version, Nintendo has done a great job at incorporating the game mechanics into the boss fights. The boss fights were featured in the game’s campaign, which is the Super Rush’s Adventure Mode. While it can be argued that the boss fights may not be the most technically challenging, yet it goes a long way in increasing its appeal amongst the traditional Mario enthusiasts. The game preview had a boss fight with a lightning attack that the player ought to avoid while deflecting the other attacks. At the end of a brief and yet entertaining fight, the player was rewarded with a lightning sword which could be used as a golf club with special abilities giving the gamer a slight edge moving forward in the campaign. 

At this point, it is unclear as to how many boss fights the final product would feature or their effect on the campaign altogether; what is undeniable is that this game would put the gamer’s golfing skills to the test in the most unexpected and unique ways one could possibly imagine. 

The Speed Golf Mode is Chaotic in the Best of Ways 

The new Mario Golf: Super Rush features an exciting new mode called Speed Golf, which discards the theory of players waiting for their turn to tee off with four golfers standing toe to toe with each other at the same time. The idea is, once all the four players hit their initial shot in the mode, they are required to sprint through the course to locate their ball to be able to hit it again until it reaches the designated hole. The actual challenge here is to compete against the other three players looking to do the same. Additionally, to add to the ensuing chaos, here the players are able to sabotage the efforts of their fellow competitors, using a variety of tricks such as running over their opponents and in the process slowing them down, or by employing special attacks. Here the King Bob-omb has a notable presence, which the golfer may use to set smaller bombs across the course, which would explode as soon as the other characters ran into them. 

This mode of the game is perhaps the most challenging. It requires careful planning and strategy and in-depth knowledge of the player’s in-game character, which might end up making all the difference when one opts to play this chaotic and yet challenging mode. 

The Motion Controls Work Well 

This version of the game comes with the standard controls that every gamer is normally accustomed to. However, it also features an intuitive array of motion controls, available as an option to the player. As per the first impressions, the motion controls look promising and quite intuitive. While using this feature, the player can stand up and properly mimic a standard golf swing that is the closest one can get to playing it in real life. This particular feature adds an element of physicality and seriousness in an otherwise lighthearted and chaotic (in a good way) and blissfully cute game that is Mario Golf. This adds an element of competitiveness with elements of reality while participating in head-to-head matches where one can put their golfing techniques to the test instead of just using the flick of the Joy-con joystick. 

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With Mario Golf: super Rush, Nintendo has managed to create a goofy and yet entertaining take on the sport. The multiplayer modes featuring speed golf and battle golf are chaotic as they are exciting for the casual gamer. This game manages to hit a chord with the sporadic boss fights and the 16 characters with different abilities to choose from. The best part is that an amateur looking to learn a thing or two about the sport would stand to benefit as well. The intuitive motion controls on this game make it a complete fun package to look out for come June 25th.

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