Enrich the Look of your Package in a few simple steps

When you send a product to a customer or a business gift you want to leave a good impression. To do this, you need to know what is possible. You can send your package professionally in just a few simple steps. We would like to give you a few tips that you can easily apply when sending your next package.    

Enrich the Look of your Package in a few simple steps

Stickers on handy rolls

Stickers on a roll (translation: stickers op rol)  are super versatile and actually always come in handy. Not only can you stick them on products and gift items, but they are also ideal for your packages. By placing a sticker with your logo on your packages, the recipient will immediately see where the package has come from. This ensures the recognition of your brand or organization. In addition, it looks professional. You can design sticks on a roll entirely in your own corporate style. In addition, they come on a handy roll, from which you can easily remove the stickers. Sticking your sticker with a logo is therefore done in no time. If you send a lot of packages you can also use a labeling machine. 

Use a business card as a postcard

Have business cards printed (translation: visitekaartjes drukken) on durable or luxury paper. Using a special type of paper makes you different from the rest, making you more likely to stand out. You can leave a business card in packets for networking. Another option is to leave the back blank and write a personal message on it. In this way your business card becomes multifunctional and is also a thank you card. Make sure that you do not choose a paper type with a coating, as you cannot write on it properly. Most special types of paper are uncoated, so you do not have to worry about this. 

Do you want to give it a luxurious look?

Then finish off your package with tissue paper! You can wrap your product in tissue paper and put it in the shipping box. Blotting paper is a slightly translucent paper with a luxurious look and feel. It gives an extra dimension to the unwrapping process. Don’t forget to add a nice print or your logo to the paper for recognition! 

Sustainable alternatives

Do you want your package to leave no impact on the environment? Then you can also order all the above products in a sustainable version. These are then produced with sustainable or recycled materials. Ask your printing specialist about this. 

Hopefully you have found enough inspiration to enrich your packages!

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