What to Consider When Selecting Network Monitoring Tools

Enterprises all over the world are realizing network security is paramount to surviving in the digital age. But what’s the best way to approach this when there are so many options out there? This is what to consider when selecting network monitoring tools. 

Why Are Network Monitoring Tools Important?

Networks are where the magic happens at large organizations. Over the past few decades, enterprises have been transformed from paper-and-pencil dinosaurs into digital leviathans. There are some clear benefits for businesses making this transition. Those who have moved into this brave new realm have undeniable advantages in terms of connectivity, efficiency, and insight. 

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But there’s also an elephant in the room when it comes to networks. And that’s security. Reports show the average cost of a data breach runs at just under $4 million. The time and resources that need to be expended into righting the wrongs caused by a data breach can be seriously harmful to the health of an organization. Network monitoring tools make it less likely you’ll have to pick up a bunch of expensive pieces down the line. 

What Are Important Things to Consider in Network Monitoring Tools? 

Once you’ve determined your organization requires network monitoring tools, it’s time to determine what you should actually be looking for in these products. There are tons of options out there today. And the reality is that many of them are sort of complicated to understand for the layman user. Even those who are tech savvy in other areas might not fully grasp the features, specs, and necessity of certain network monitoring tools

Here are some things to consider and look for:

  • The size and scale of your network is important in determining the right monitoring tools. No two organizations are exactly the same. And that means you shouldn’t just get certain network monitoring tools because your competitor has them. And, you certainly shouldn’t make a decision because your friend’s business that’s bigger and in a different industry has them. The number of endpoints on your network is going to play a huge role in determining the best network monitoring tools for the job. Furthermore, the geographical spread of the network should also be considered. You’re going to want different tools if your enterprise works in 20 countries versus a 20 mile radius. 
  • Identify the most important performance and security issues on your network. There are going to be a few things that will affect the specific needs of your organization. As already mentioned, size and number of endpoints is a huge factor. Similarly, traffic level on your network is going to determine the tools you need. But there are more factors than that. The quality of the data traffic is also a major consideration. Organizations dealing with sensitive data need to ensure it’s being cared for at a higher level than non-critical info. Enterprises in healthcare or finance should take extra precautions, as they hold a lot of sensitive information. It’s also possible your organization has identified some areas where the network just isn’t performing up to snuff. Addressing these points will likely help improve the functionality of the network as a whole. 
  • Look for trial periods. Getting to test out tools can help you get a better idea of their true value before actually pulling the trigger and buying. You wouldn’t buy a car before taking it for a test drive. Employing tools in real-life situations will help you see if they’re worth the investment.
  • Are there package deals that will cover multiple bases for you? Most enterprises today are going to need a variety of tools in order to run, maintain, and secure their networks. Getting as many of these as possible from one provider in a bundle can potentially lower the cost.  

Network security is only going to keep becoming more important as time goes on. Enterprises should do their due diligence in determining what tools are right for their organizations.

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