Utopia Messenger and P2P Network: Keep your Data Safe!

In the digital era, people are legally monitored every day. Companies are willing to know who you are and what are you doing online to create a precise image of you. Data is the same value as fuel: people steal it, sell it, collect and analyze.

We use mobile phones, computers daily to shop, read articles, record our medical metrics, connect with people. That is how a massive database of personal information is created and expanded regularly.


A detailed data set about an individual is high-priced and legally sold. Data brokers gather and analyze information to transfer it further even without permission. That is how direct marketing and targeting work.

To survive in a surveillance-heavy era, users should switch to encrypted services instead of commercialized apps, browsers with ad trackers and popular messengers. In this press release, we dig into the multipurpose self-enclosed ecosystem – Utopia. Learn how to make money four times an hour and surf web anonymously!

Utopia messenger and all-in-one privacy tool

Utopia p2p ecosystem is not a regular encrypted messenger that got widespread attention recently. Utopia is a secure peer-2-peer network that includes daily arsenal for communication and financial operations. uMessenger, uMail, uWallet, Idyll browser, and Mining bot have attracted a lot of new users while being on the Beta stage. What is the selling point?

  • Superior encryption. Utopia employs elliptic Curve25519, which is defined by extremely high speed. 256-bit AES protects in-house storage. uMessenger is encrypted by default contrary to the leading communication apps.
  • Decentralization. Utopia never handles metadata and doesn’t hold it on a data warehouse. The data flows rigidly from the sender to a receiver. The elimination of a central server ensures that third-parties and black hats won’t obtain sensitive data.
  • Anonymity. Registration doesn’t require a phone number and private info. A set of unique digits distinguishes users alternatively to a nickname, although users never reveal the secret key to transfer data or coins.
  • Functionality. Utopia is user-friendly and contains the essential apps we use daily (will cover it in details further). Plus, it allows handling these tools in one window simultaneously when switching to a Hybrid Mode.

The listed principles frame a unique security pattern, which successfully protects:

  • Everyday chats. Interact with friends and family in a private, secure chat room. uMessenger allows sharing text and voice messages, files of all popular formats. Make communication engaging and funny using customized stickers and games.
  • Сhats for work. Group chats in Utopia are encrypted by default and have no limits on the number of members. This feature, in addition to Hybrid Mode, makes the messenger perfect for the working environment. Discuss strategies, accountancy, and other sensitive data without any security breaches.
  • Blogs. Channels within Utopia facilitates the transmission of unbiased news feeds applying the freedom of speech. You can start a blog on any sphere by creating a Read-Only chat, the level of safety no doubt outstrips Telegram encryption. 

Utopia ecosystem: detailed tools review



The mailbox looks like famous email services; the interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Letters are comfortably organized as the mailbox has in-built filters. You should take into account that you can only send emails to a registered within Utopia members. This rule contributes to enhanced security and privacy. How to use uMail?

  • Working environment. To facilitate business communication, make use of Templates. Develop a draft for regular messages to commit routine mailing in a flash!
  • Personal emails. Share files and send letters encrypted end-to-end. The selling point is that you can switch to Hybrid Mode, which allows to having wallet info, emails, chats, and contact list at your fingertips.
  • Secure file storage. Warehouse and transfer files of different size and extensions excluding hacking, blackmail, and theft.

Idyll browser

The in-house browser allows you to surf pages hosted via Utopia environment. Idyll meets the golden rules of security for numerous reasons. It never handles metadata and searches history, so that your passwords, billing info, and digital habits are not recorded.

Along with private and anonymous browsing, you can design a personal website in a matter of minutes even if you’ve never done it before.



The built-in wallet is a universal financial tool and a safe place to store cryptocurrency. The internal coins are called Cryptons – by the way, you can get them for just being online (read to the end to discover how)!

Money transfers are encrypted and take place in a heartbeat. Why use uWallet?

  • Issue a crypto-card. Get a personal card with customized design and digits set for a few seconds.
  • E-shopping. Purchase in crypto without any limits and tracking.
  • Transfers. Send coins inside Utopia ecosystem to the other users.
  • Merchant account. Register as a seller and promote your goods and services– interface for merchants has been updated recently.

Now the icing on the cake is coming – how to get a bounty?

Mining bot

mining bot

Users who take part in the network paths’ extension get domestic coins for just being online. The balance is replenished every 15 minutes. Activate the Mining bot on multiple devices to gain more money; there are no limitations!

To sum up

The online data leakage can be reduced if users switch to encrypted products. Utopia messenger is the alternative for the privacy-conscious audience; the encrypted ecosystem replaces social media, commercialized messaging apps, and emails. Test Utopia for a computer while the mobile app is on the way – rich functions and confidentiality are guaranteed!

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