What is Link Crypto?

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Among the variety of cryptocurrencies in the market, the most valuable are those offering solutions to the industry problems, boosting and expanding adoption of crypto assets and connecting real sector companies with blockchain technology. One of the underestimated projects that deserves your attention is Chainlink.

What is Chainlink Crypto?

Link is a native crypto asset of the Chainlink project. When in May 2021, it’s price hit $52, this token made a huge buzz in the market, drawing crypto enthusiasts’ attention. As the project name suggests, Chainlink is linking chains through decentralised oracles connecting different blockchains with external sources of data. As of October 2022, the Link coin price is a little over 6 dollars. So, as you can see, Link crypto has significantly lost its value during the last year. The Link chart shows a decrease in the price since the market collapsed in the spring of 2022.

Chainlink features:

  1. A decentralised oracle
  2. Hybrid smart contracts
  3. Access to popular blockchains such as Ethereum and Solana
  4. Data transfers across different blockchains
  5. Safe and secure transactions.

Chainlink coin is available on all large crypto platforms. For example, you can use the WhiteBIT crypto exchange for buying and holding or trading Link tokens. WhiteBIT allows purchasing digital assets with real money via bank cards. For that purpose, you need to register an account and verify it, for WhiteBIT is a centralised platform.

WhiteBIT offers different trading tools and earning options such as p2p exchange, swaps, futures, spot, margin, etc. All the transactions on WhiteBIT are protected and secure. The platform ensures a high level of safety for investments and data, holding 96% of finds offline. From user reviews, it becomes clear that WhiteBIT is a reliable exchange.

The platform offers native crypto WBT that gives its owners discounts on transaction fees and access to profitable products developed in the WhiteBIT platform. Also, there is a WhiteBIT blog where you can find many valuable articles and guides on trading and crypto assets overviews.

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