The Best Forex Indicator Tools for Trading

Like most successful ventures, forex trading requires patience and discipline. Taking the time to take stock of the past and present price actions, helps you determine future outcomes.

Forex signal telegram group indicators enhance overall trading experience, by giving you detailed look into the market trends. It helps you make better decisions, when buying or selling on popular trading platforms like the


The two most popular tools known for this purpose are:

  • Oscillators (technical indicators)
  • Support and Resistance (custom indicators)

Common Oscillator Indicators

 Slow Stochastics

As an indicator of both overbought and oversold security in the market, stochastics offer reliable insight on performing and failing currencies. Through this momentum oscillator, you are able to compare the closing price of an asset, track the price movements across different periods, and make short terms profits, through scalping.

Moving Average

By moving average, you are able to locate the current market trends, and find trading opportunities, as well. A moving average is usually a plotted line determining the price of a currency pair, overtime.

When the currency pair and the moving average are in the same direction, it is usually a good time for you to enter the trade market. If the two lead separate directions, you should always exit.

Commodity Channel Index (CCI)

Although initially created for crypto trading signals markets, CCI has evolved to serve equity, CFD, and forex markets. Like most momentum oscillators, CCI helps you determine market behavior by simply assessing the current price and base line value, while coming up with a basis of evaluation.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

Modern software platforms like Metatrader 4 have an automatic MACD process, making it easier to make future price predictions. In MACD, you keep track of the two exponential averages, clearly noting their widening, crossing over, and tightening and as a result, you are to make wise future price adjustments.

MACD is used mainly during:

  • Intertrading
  • Scalping
  • Crossover trading
  • Breakouts

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Although serving the same purpose as stochastics, the RSI momentum oscillator takes a more direct path in determining price actions. The relative strength of a currency is derived through dividing the average gains tracked over time, over the average losses within the same period.

Some RSI insider trading indicator tips include:

Checking the RSI OBOS Levels

An RSI of 30 or less typically means the market is oversold, and prices might go up anytime. While an RSI above 70 clearly indicates the market is overbought and the price may lower.

Understanding Two Period Divergence

A shorter RSI period is preferable to a longer one, as it is more reactive to price actions. Usually, when the shorter RSI is beneath the longer one, it means you should sell at this point with the current market prices.

Tracking RSI Trendlines

Keeping track of the rise, fall, and break of the trendlines, will help you determine favorable times to trade. A break in the trendline, for example, tells you it’s a good time to trade.

Popular Support and Resistance Indicators

Bollinger Bands

Consisting of an upper, lower and mid-point band, the Bollinger bands is represented by a line in the pricing chart. Through this line, traders are able to know the market constraints, determine price volatility, and trace the center of price action.

Pivot Points

You can know the normal trading ranges, abnormal price action, and market direction through pivot points, by examining the highs, closing, and low values of security. If you want to determine market support and resistance, use the pivots during rotational trend breaking strategies and breakouts.


When it comes to forex trading, the safer, more disciplined route is always the profitable one. Indicators such as moving average, slow stochastics, MACD, and RSI will help you hit your financial trading goals early.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the support and resistance tools as well. Always check on the Bollinger bands and pivots from time to time, as ways of assessing the market situation.

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