React  Native: What are its Benefits for App Development?

When it comes to selecting the programming language for your first app, it can puzzle where to stop your choice. On one hand, it can look captivating to try no-code technologies. As you have heard, it’s fast, cheaper and doesn’t require deep special knowledge to start. On the other hand, it can turn into a loss of effort, money and time. As far as the license is costly, dependence from the platform is confusing and adding complex features can turn out to be impossible or very expensive. 

Choosing the tool for your first startup project is a responsibility that shapes its future in many aspects.

  • Is there a window for scalability? 
  • Is it easy to develop and implement some unconventional features?
  • Is the integration with popular solutions simple? 

In case you build your project with React Native, the answer will be ‘yes’. There are a bunch of questions to be answered before you start the app development process. 

We are convinced you’ll clear up the issue after reading this review. Follow the link to find the article related to professional advice. The Purrweb experts share their vision and shed light on the process of work with react native app development agency.

What is React Native?

This is a JavaScript framework that became widely recognized and applied by developers due to its features since 2015.

React Native: why is it worthwhile?

Startup founders are happy with the React Native framework thanks to its flexibility and significant opportunities. Let’s consider the most intricate of them. 

If you dream to launch an original cross-platform product, React Native looks like the most qualified choice.

Since this framework allows IT-engineers to develop solutions simultaneously for iOS and Android, it saves time and effort of the app development team. This fact consequently leads to a decreasing timeline and cost the startup requires. That’s why selecting React Native can be one of the most beneficial solutions for your startup success. Avoiding excess expenses and loss of time, you can deliver your product to the market faster and within a reasonable budget.

If we compare two ways of app development, it turns out that conventional ways of creating a product both on iOS and Android will take 35% more time and funds than React Native does. This difference is essential for founders interested in saving budget for further development of the project.

The second advantage of using React Native is the opportunity to create highly customizable products. This frees your hands up to use fresh-looking solutions and profoundly thought UX. The ability to avoid embedded templates inspires UI/UX designers to apply all their creative potential in order to transfer the value of the product to its prospective. You’ll never find out the app built on templates to have such amazing design as the customized solution does. 

The third significant feature of the React Native is to provide top-level functionality. For example, if you create an app for two types of users, it’s better to offer two kinds of solutions for them. Like Uber has different apps for passengers and drivers, Purrweb team developed two products – for fitness trainers and for sportsmen. 

React Native: is it hard and long?

Widespread misconception about React Native is that it requires a lot of time and effort to be applied for app development. It is not so, if you work with an expert team. Professional developers never start their work from the absolute scratch. They always have some tools and methods to boost the efficiency and cut down time waste. The more experienced React Native app development agency you work with, the faster and better results you can get. For example, at Purrweb guys are able to deliver an app to the market in three months. This ability to work fast and keep quality appeared due to extended experience in the industry. 

React Native as a key to make your solution look fancy

If you already have an app, but it looks a bit out of date, you can refresh it using React Native. Migrating your project to this framework will allow designers to implement trendy design into solution. This tool also helps to improve UX if needed. Since you decided to give the second life to your product, it will acquire an eye-catching look and advanced usability to inspire users to come to the app again and again. 

React Native app development agency: how to choose?

Experienced team with well established processing and proper staffing is preferable than several freelancers from different parts of the world. In terms of quality, speed and reliability React Native app development agency has several benefits. Good team doesn’t need babysitting: every team member knows what to do.

The cost of app development in React Native depends on the scale of work and hourly rates of specialists. The second parameter is determined by the location and developers qualification.  Pay attention to the fact that experienced developers can charge more than newbies, but they perform more in less time. So, it can turn out to be cheaper to work with them. The average cost of the full-fledged solution with average complexity revolves around $20, 000.

There are several signs that indicate how efficient and comfortable cooperation with the development team will be. 

Experience in the industry

Deep comprehension of your business goals empowers developers to create a product that exactly reflects your idea and delivers its value to the customers. If the agency specializes in MVP development and app development, it can help you make decisions based on the additional information during the consulting session.

Profound expertise in React Native

The level of qualification and amount of the completed projects determine the speed and work quality. Here’s a common rule: the more qualified specialists are, the less time they need to fulfill the tasks. They never start from scratch, and it saves tons of money and time. 

Talented UI/UX designers that can dress your product into design that will be up-to-date, stylish and responding the product idea. Never cut costs on this issue, as far as first impression and convenience are there love of clients starts.

Great communication

Soft skills are important as well as hard ones. Make sure that you and development team members are on the same vibe. The ability to listen to you and precisely catch nuances serves the guarantee that you will get what you expect. 

The work is usually subdivided into iterations. These are two weeks periods with concrete list of obligatory tasks. At the end of each you should be acquainted with the results of work.

Step-by step all the tasks from the backlog should be completed, tested, and the app will be ready to be delivered to the market.

If you have any rough goings with understanding native app, it makes sense to get in touch with several React Native app development agencies and to clear up the questions. As soon as you feel you can trust the company and there are no misconceptions, it’s time to start your business journey.

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