What Attributes You Should Look Out For In An Exhibition Contractor


Finding the right exhibition stand contractor that ticks all the boxes can be a difficult task. It takes time to narrow down the options, of which there are plenty, and find one we think can do the job at hand. With your brand’s reputation on the line, you want to ensure you hire only the best. The other thing you have to consider however is if you have the budget for the contractor you want.

HIRING AN EXHIBITION STAND CONTRACTOROnce you know what to look for in a decent exhibition stand contractor though, half the battle is already won. That’s why we have created a checklist of points you can assess the quality of a potential contractor by. We don’t want you to waste your budget or hard earned money on someone who will do half the job.

If you want to be confident and fully-assured you are making the right investment when choosing a contractor, experience is a massive part of it. The contractor’s experience will help you gauge how they will complete your project. Exhibition contractors like Aspect Exhibitions with 25 years of experience are a reliable choice as you can see in their portfolio they have delivered successfully for a number of projects. Apart from a contractor’s experience, it also helps to look out for the following attributes before hiring:

  • Reliability – Considering how reliable they are is crucial if you want to pull off a seamless exhibition. If you want everything to be done in a timely manner you need to ensure your contractor can deliver their promise. These things are important because if your contractor doesn’t turn up to the venue in time you can miss out on many opportunities.
  • Focused – You want to ensure the contractor is purely focused on delivering your project. If they are tied down to several others they may not give yours 100% attention which could be detrimental to the end result.
  • Creativity – Your potential contractor should bring lots of ideas to the table. They should help you visualise what your stand will look like in one effective presentation so you can instantly decide whether they are the right match for you. If your contractor offers 3D presentations, this is even better! When you look at their portfolio, make sure you gage their level of creativity. How have they gone out of their way to deliver whatever the customer requires? Even the most inventive ideas! You want a realistic view of how your stand will look during the event. This will help you plan where your employees will be and how you can arrange things such as furniture and marketing materials.
  • As we mentioned earlier, the exhibition stand contractor should have years of experience. Even more importantly, you need to enquire about the feedback they’ve received. Understanding whether clients are happy with their work will help you put confidence in them. Usually contractors that have been up and running for a long time have a strong network of satisfied clients.

Using this checklist to guide you in your search for the right exhibition stand contractor will really help. Instead of going in blind, you now have some good markers to gain deeper insight into whether the contractor can deliver what you need. This will help you pull off a successful exhibition no matter if it’s your first time or fiftieth time.

Facts to help you during the exhibition process:

Fact 1: Exhibitions that incorporate pre-show advertising have been shown in the past to double stand activity during the show as 83% of visitors use exhibition previews to help them plan their visit.

Fact 2: Generally speaking, 86 percent of the visitors have buying power which is why it’s so important to choose a contractor who delive

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