What are Hashtags on Instagram and How to Use a Hashtag Generator

What are Hashtags on Instagram and How to Use a Hashtag Generator

If you’re always chuckling at Instagram comments with hashtags, or just don’t understand how these small tags work, then you’re at the right place. Read this article to discover everything you must know about hashtags on Instagram, methods to generate them, and applying hashtags wisely.

What Are Hashtags And Why To Use Them

Usually, hashtags are words or phrases written together without space. They begin with a # sign. They may also include numbers and emojis. Tags help to organize and quickly navigate through published content. By clicking on a hashtag you can see all the posts marked with it.

Using hashtags in your marketing campaign can help you increase your engagement by more than 15% and increase your organic reach by 500%. And note that this is an absolutely free way to promote your business on social media! Organic promotion doesn’t bring thousands of viewers and likes in hours (like a paid advertisement), but it may work years for you.

10 Facts about Hashtags

These are 10 basic things to know before you start using hashtags to promote your account:

  1. People can subscribe to hashtags. Previously published content can end up in the users’ feed, even if they are not following your account.
  2. Using popular but irrelevant hashtags is a bad idea. When people see something they don’t like, they pick the “Don’t show this hashtag” option.
  3. There is no such thing as a hidden ban on Instagram. But if you flag all your posts, it’s reasonable to assume that content will be shown less often (or not shown).
  4. Mix popular and rare tags in one post.
  5. Don’t copy-paste the same hashtags all the time. Use only those that make sense.
  6. Switch to a business profile to measure the effectiveness.
  7. Max. 10 tags are allowed in Instagram Stories, but usually, 1 or 2 work well.
  8. You can add hashtag links to your profile bio.
  9. Regular posts can contain max. 30 hashtags. If you try to use more, your comment or signature will not be posted.
  10. You can only tag your own posts. Leaving a hashtag below someone else’s post doesn’t work.

How to Use a Hashtag Generator

Generator of hashtags for Instagram – is a free online web service, based on artificial intelligence. The machine analyzes algorithms and provides relevant tags depending on the user’s request. One can select up to 5 keywords, download a picture or URL to generate a bunch of hashtags.

The interface is user-friendly and intuitively understandable. A user needs to provide words that describe a post and press the ‘Search’ button. If you can’t think of any proper description, simply download a photo. The AI will analyze the image and develop appropriate tags.

The tool is complimentary to employ and comes in the Internet browser (for desktop computers) and as a mobile app (both for Android and iOS). It also offers multilingual support – a user can enter keywords in his native tongue.

Now, you know what are hashtags and why to use them. So, bring the theory to practice and increase your organic reach with intellectual hashtag generation.

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