New Applications to Help You Achieve Digital Wellness

When you are an entrepreneur focusing on building your own business, it is easy to get engulfed in the process. This is especially the case in our digital world. The 24/7 on-demand work culture is even more intense when it is your own business. When your work-life balance gets unbalanced, it isn’t good for you or your budding business. Don’t get burnt out, instead invest in yourself in every step along the way. One way that will certainly help is if you take time to achieve digital wellness. With so many apps that are designed to make you addicted to them and increase usage, it is time to find some that will help you break out of the rut. Here are 10 apps to help you achieve digital wellness and help you relax rather than further stressing you out; choose a few that work for you. Turn the tides and make digital apps work for you instead of the other way around.

  1. Buddhify


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Named by Buzzfeed as the best meditation app to ease anxiety, Buddhify will become your digital best friend. It has a variety of more than 80 guided meditation tracks including “work break” and “ready”. It helps you to calm down even from the most stressful states in just minutes. You can choose the track that is right for your current situation. Buddhify is available for Android and iOS devices for $2.99.

  1. Deep Relax Sleep Music

Deep relax sleep music

Deep Relax Sleep Music Screenshots Image Credit: iTunes

This app called Deep Relax Sleep Music  can help not just with deep sleep, but also with music to help you relax, meditate, or stay focused. This app is available for iPhone and iPad and is free.

  1. Marine Aquarium

Marine Aquarium

Marine Aquarium App Screenshot Image Credit: iTunes

This Marine Aquarium  app is a simple way to help you relax, even if just for a few moments. The imagery is actual 3D fish swimming, not canned animation. You can choose your favorite fish from 28 different species and adjust the lighting. Research has shown that watching fish can provide health benefits like reduced heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and feel happier. It is available for iPhone and iPad for $1.99.

  1. Toggl


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Toggl  is a time tracker app that works on desktops, browsers, and both Android and iPhone mobile devices. There are three different pricing packages, all of which come with a free trial. It automatically tracks where you spend your time and it reports on where you spend your time, what is taking up your time, and it can work as a project management tool as well. The premium level also allows you to manage employees’ time.

  1. Focus Booster

Focus Booster App

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Focus Booster is an app that helps you maintain focus and manage distractions which empowering you to stay focus. It is based on the pomodoro technique and aims to help you be more productive and efficient. It tracks your time, creates better work habits, and will help you achieve that work – life balance you are looking for. The app has a free light version and paid plans start at $3 per month.

  1. Simply Yoga

Simple Yoga App

Simply Yoga Screenshot Image Credit: Google Play Store

Yoga is the perfect combination of exercising and relaxing at the same time. Practicing yoga helps you stay fit and also help to clear your mind. The Simply Yoga  app helps you work out anytime, anywhere. The app has 20, 40, or 60 minute workouts. A certified personal trainer demonstrates each of the 30+ poses. Audio instruction accompanies the demos and you can create custom workout routines. The app is free and available in Android and iOS.

  1. InBoxPause

InboxPause App

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Email is one of the main sources of inefficiency in our day. Studies have shown that if you check your email only a few times a day, it can reduce stress and boost productivity. However, most of us need help with that because we are easily distracted and interrupted when we see emails come in. InboxPause  will stop new email from coming into your Inbox until a specified time. The features will let people know your inbox is paused, schedule messages to arrive a scheduled intervals and times, and allows you to schedule exceptions from certain email addresses that will be delivered immediately. It is available for Gmail and Outlook.

  1. Breathe

Breathe App

Breathe App Screenshot Image Credit: Apple Store

Breathe  is an app designed for iOS devices that helps you do exactly what it sounds like: remember to breathe. It reminds you to breathe while doing tasks like reading emails and allows you to schedule sessions where it monitors your breathing during meditation and stress reduction. It trains you through reporting and reminders that you customise.

  1. Jiyo

Jiyo App

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Jiyo  is a Japanese and Chinese Buddhist word that means “to use yourself”. It is billed as your personal wellbeing companion. The app doesn’t just connect you to the artificial intelligence that personalises your well-being, it connects you to the well-being social network too. The app was created by Deepak Chopra and co-founder PoonachMachaiah. The app offers insights and suggestions based on your habits, where you go and how much you move, etc. Based on that data, it assigns a task each day and offers curated content on nutrition, sleep, and wellness. It is a 360-degree approach to wellness that includes exercise, meditation, relationships, finances, and finding purpose in the everyday.

  1. Space

Space App

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Space  is an app and a browser extension developed by DopamineLabs. It helps you manage your internet and browsing time by creating “Space” between you and what you are doing online. It helps to reverse-engineer your brain from that social media addiction.

Summary and Takeaways

When you are an entrepreneur and are working on your own business, it is easy to get absorbed by the business and all of the digital activities necessary to run a business today. For us at Gopromotional, we know first-hand how all-encompassing it can be to run a business and still try to achieve that work-life balance. These apps can really help bring you the zen you need in your life and sometimes even forces it upon you so that you can be the best you can be. We hope that you find some that help you do just that.

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