Web Design Company vs Freelancer: Which One to Choose

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When you take on a seriously big project, you will definitely have to choose: Web Design Company vs Freelancer. Both have their own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. Let’s analyze each of them.

Freelance web designer: advantages and disadvantages

Of course, there are advantages to working with freelancers. It may be: a specialist’s free work schedule, so, theoretically, the freelancer has more time to complete the project, and pretty cheap work, which makes it possible to significantly save the budget of a project. But, you must not forget about the other side of the coin.

The organization of productive work and workspace in the given time. This is the main thing for the customer. Customers pay special attention to thinking about the product mindset – an approach in which the specialist is even willing to work overtime for the product’s overall success. However, friendship with time management is still very difficult for many freelancers. When nobody is monitoring your work, it’s easy to get distracted. There are also problems with the organization of the workplace. These factors can affect the final result of the project. Besides, you cannot be 100% sure of the specialist’s professionalism.

In addition, when a freelance web designer works on many projects in a year, he sometimes does not feel he belongs to any of them. Therefore, a person can do his work without enthusiasm, using previously made website templates. It kills the uniqueness of your project.

Web Design Company: advantages and disadvantages

Employees of a web design company do not need to constantly switch from project to project. This allows a deeper understanding of a single project and saves time in applying new design ideas and adapting to customer conditions and requirements.

Working with a website design company loungelizard.com, you always get a high-quality project. One and perhaps the most significant advantage of working with this web design firm is its focus on good results. Its web designers try to do their job to the best of their ability because it builds prestige and reputation in the international arena. They pay attention to every little thing.

An equally important moment when creating a serious project is documentation. For small projects, this may not be so important, but if the project is big, then it cannot be done without documentation. Most web design companies, when working on a website, devote a lot of time to compiling documentation at all stages of work. For example, it can be a brand book with a hundred pages or a manual for working with the site.

When you are working with a web design company, you are unlikely to meet a situation, where all managers and web designers went to lunch together. Employees of the financial department are unlikely to lose your invoice and there is a very small chance that they will lose the Internet for a day.

Employees can earn a higher salary, if the project works well, on the contrary, it may also affect their incomes. This gives an additional motive for employees in a web design agency, so they work for results. In addition, company employees will not be able to simply abandon the client and move on to another project, but a freelance website designer can do it. They must do their work conscientiously, otherwise, it can subject them to various fines and sanctions, in some cases up to the loss of their jobs. But even if a force majeure occurs with the executor of your order, he can always be replaced by another employee. The same piles of documentation will be needed here, so as not to explain the same thing twice.

Web design firms usually have more experience, process management skills, and project organization. Great attention is paid to ensuring that all stages of the project are carried out qualitatively and precisely on time and strictly adhere to the technical task and the contract. And this is an important point when working on your projects.

You do not risk that the project will be interrupted, that the company will close, or that the designers or programmers will not cope with their tasks. It will likely cost much more and take longer, but if you choose between a small studio and a large design bureau, you can be sure that in the second case the chances of failing the project become much smaller. 

By and large, a lot depends on the size of the project. Large-scale projects or orders from large, well-known companies are most likely to be ordered from a large and well-known design company. While simple orders, especially from smaller customers, are ideal for freelancers. 

Therefore, in the end, I want to add, if you are still hesitating about what to choose: a web design company vs freelancer, choose a web design company, because it may not save you money, but it will save your nerves and in any case guarantees a good result.

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