10 Best Web Design Practices for Dentists

10 Best Web Design Practices for Dentists

Since you are reading this article, we’re going to presume that you want to start a website or redesign your existing web page. Good web appearance is one of the most important tasks in web designing because it determines the growth and success of any venture. If someone visits your web page and then leaves dissatisfied due to its dull framework, no matter how good the underlying content is, there is no chance that he will ever come back. And as search engine bots do not judge, web pages that look dull and unappealing won’t get better rankings than those with appealing dental website designs. So what we need to know is: What should we look out for while creating a web page for web designing?

Navigation is one of the most important web designing practices that you should never ignore. A web design without a good navigational structure will be annoying, and users won’t like to spend much time on it. While doing web page design, or redesigning, always make sure that the web pages are properly categorized with subcategories for better navigation which will also help optimize web pages for search engines.

Call to Action (CTA)

Your web page aims to attract visitors and convince them about your services or products so they can buy or avail of whatever offers you have on your site. Your web page must have a CTA(call-to-action), whether it is a web page selling web design services or dental products.


A good web page cannot be achieved without a good font, and web designers should always opt for web-safe fonts that don’t need plug-ins to run in web browsers. Also, never use script fonts because search engine bots do not read them well, so it is worth taking the risk of showing your website in lower rankings than others due to such scripts. Use Google’s Open Sans as web-safe fonts, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility on different devices.


As we know, most of our visitors come from search engines, and they give us unique content with freshness by making sure that it has all unique features like meta keywords (to make them appear in web searches), meta descriptions (to make web bots understand what web pages are all about). Here I would like to tell you that it is never wrong to copy the content, but web designers must not forget that web crawlers can easily recognize the copied content, and the web page will be downgraded in search engine rankings. So try to use unique content with no other similar version anywhere on the internet.

Mobile device compatibility

It should be one of your web designing goals to make sure that your web page or website looks equally good on any mobile device, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Windows phone. This task isn’t easy, but if you follow “Responsive Web Design,” things will get better for you where your web pages will be designed with a single web page layout template for all web devices.


Coding formatting is very important, and web designers should look for web pages that come with valid HTML and CSS code which usually helps in faster web page loading and better web search engine rankings.

Web hosting

A web designer must always use a top-level web hosting package because it provides optimum performance to your web pages or websites. We can develop the best website design practices used by professionals in this industry.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools these days, especially where automated emails are sent to potential customers whenever they subscribe through promotional offers on your web page or website(s). The success of your web page can be easily achieved through web designing best practices providing e-newsletter services to keep web pages active and updated.

Analytical data 

Professional web designers know that web pages must have a track of what is going on with your web page, so they always integrate analytic features into their web design which helps in knowing about web visitors from where they came from, how long they spend time on web pages? What do they like most about it? To make sure that you are using the right web designing techniques, you should use Google Analytics to know your traffic statistics and check out who’s referring you, how much time people spend on web pages, and find out what parts of a web page are most appealing to them.

Free web pages 

Free web pages are not good web design practices for dentists because web designers should always try to make sure that visitors pay or subscribe to their web pages, and this is how web page builder tools like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc. help web designers to develop such web pages which can easily be monetized through ads or paid listings.

We’ve also found a great resource that you can refer to if you want dental website ideas that have the potential to boost your dental practice’s success.

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