The Basics of being a Business Owner and Opening an Office

With more successful enterprises springing out of spare rooms and garages at home than ever before, the concept of opening an office space has become a much more poignant part of a modern business’s lifespan. Today, opening an office is often found somewhere along the timeline rather than at the very beginning, which adds extra consideration to a process that already demands a lot of care and attention.


Once you’ve established the right time to create an official premises for your organisation, there are a number of key factors to consider in order to ensure the launch of your new space is not only a success, but also causes as little disruption to your business operation as possible. So, before you cut the ribbon at your grand opening, make sure you’ve covered off the following essentials. 

Have the furniture ready to go

A new office isn’t much good without anything inside it, and seeing as your objective should be to open an office as quickly and smoothly as possible, it’s essential that you have the basics in place ready to go when the time comes. That means all your office furniture, whether it’s rented or bought, needs to be ready for moving day, and you should have all the relevant facilities set up to make you and your employees’ lives comfortable from the first day of work.

Beyond the office furniture, you’ll need things like a fully functioning kitchen with all the essentials to hand in the cupboards, and a break room area for your team to unwind away from their work.

Determine your budget

Opening an office can be the first tangible representation of your growth as a business, but it’s important you don’t get carried away with the excitement of the moment. Your first task will be to understand and establish your financial limits with regards to finding a property, and secure a premises that will support your venture in the next few years both sustainably and efficiently.

Find the right space

While your first thought may naturally be to find a place where the monthly rent is affordable, it’s also important to find a space that you won’t outgrow quickly. So, the ideal first office might not be the cheapest on the market, but rather a property that offers a balance between affordability and adaptability for your enterprise in the next year or two.

Finding this balance is incredibly important, so think about your business right now and your growth plan over the next few years. Your new office’s location, size and capability to expand should all play a factor in your decision-making process.

Make sure you’ve got all the necessary services in place

Alongside all the staple furniture, you also need to make sure you’ve got all the services you need to operate installed and ready to launch. Your internet service, tech equipment and relevant licences required to operate should all be planned and secured well in advance of your opening, as these are likely to be elements that require significantly different administration and costing to when you were working out of your back room.

Moving into your first true office space is a hugely exciting time for you and your business. However, it’s also a crucial one to your success going forward, so it’s essential you plan your move with the utmost caution and research. Know your budget, find the right space to fit your brand and ensure all the fundamentals are in place and ready to go on day one, and you’ll have given yourself the best possible springboard in this new phase of your evolution.

About Mohit Tater

Mohit is the co-founder and editor of Entrepreneurship Life, a place where entrepreneurs, start-ups, and business owners can find wide ranging information, advice, resources, and tools for starting, running, and growing their businesses.