How To Stop Being Productive All The Time Lets You Accomplish More In Less Time

A decade back the focus was on staying productive focusing less on having fun while you work. It can get exhaustive to optimize every single moment and turn it into a productive value. Over a period the ethos of productivity has changed. Doing less and getting more done not only lets you stay productive but eliminates the stress of obsessing with productivity. Various factors contribute to staying productive. When the emphasis is laid on productivity alone, it might not create the desired output. 

You tend to miss the big picture when you focus on staying productive all the time. You find better management of time and a way of working to get a higher output and enjoy what you do. You spend fewer hours on tasks that are unimportant and more on getting important tasks done. 

Take Short Breaks

Working continually adds to mental and physical pressure and can be detrimental to staying productive. You could feel overwhelmed in being able to accomplish tasks within deadlines. Take a walk in the garden, enjoy the sun and the dusk, read a book, listen to music, or do a task that you enjoy taking short breaks. It lets your mind relax and takes the pressure off getting more things done quicker without feeling the heat of completion of a task to stay optimized. 

Choose Projects That Motivate You

One of the best ways to bring energy and enthusiasm into work is to choose work and the projects that keep you motivated. Make a list of duties to be fulfilled and eat that frog. Take time out for the projects that you love so your inner drive does not fizzle out. No matter what is the task at hand, it makes you feel driven to get things done in a short span of time.

Doing what you love in your leisure time, such as your pet project, a hobby you love to pursue, a passion you love to work on, keeps your spirits up. It gives you a gung-ho towards giving your best in every task you take and getting more done in a short time. This is the best way to keep your mind, emotions, and heart in sync and enjoy each day of life producing optimal results. 

Important Tasks Go First

Each day’s important tasks might not be stimulating your mind but they are essential and need to be done first. Ensure you focus all of your energy in eliminating distractions and unimportant tasks. Break these tasks into segments so you can get them done quicker. 

Be Assertive And Learn To Say A ‘No’

You might find it difficult to say ‘no’ but the power of making it a practice lets you stay on an even keel and focus on what is important. It gives you a sense of direction and personal power. It lets list the tasks that are worthy of your time and the ones you can eliminate or do them later. When you learn to say ‘no’ it gives you mileage towards staying focused and getting more done without compromising your time. It helps you manage time better and bring more value to the work that you do each day. 

Delegate Tasks

When you learn to delegate tasks it lessens the burden of getting everything done all by yourself. You have more energy and less burn out from completing tedious tasks. It gives you time for yourself and focuses on building relationships and connecting with people. It helps you stay organized and productive reaching your goals in time. 

Let Go Of Perfectionism

Perfection is neurotic and gets the joy out of doing any task. You fail to focus on the big picture as you look into the details and nitty-gritty of any task. You manage time better in completing a task as you include a list of things that are required. Perfectionism is a time waster as you end up taking longer to get anything done, waiting for the right moment. 

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Choose apps and productivity tools that automate repetitive tasks. It speeds up the production value, beats the boredom of doing the same task over, and lets you stay abreast of time. For instance, when a code needs to be repeated in developing something, having the required skill does not suffice. Tools available to automate the repetitive code gets the job done quickly. 

Make Data-Driven Decisions

It helps you make accurate business decisions as you have all the information in hand to reach a conclusion. Data provides valuable insights before a decision is made. It helps you set long as well as short term goals and estimate a realistic time to reach them. Having data lets you analyze various aspects of the decisions you want to make in order to reach your business goals. 

Do Nothing

This is a skill to develop, especially, if you are a workaholic and a worrywart. You might feel that you are not getting anywhere doing all the work. The best thing to do in this scenario is to do nothing at all. It removes all the clutter in your mind and gives a clear perspective. It brings more clarity in everyday tasks and reduces the complexity of any challenge you deal with in your day-to-day life. 

Add Humor

Laugh, talk, and build connections. It lets you stay positive and focused. It makes you feel less stressed and enjoy each day as it comes. Humor is the best antidote to all in a day’s work. Start a laughter club or find a way to bring more humor into your everyday life. The more you smile, the less burden you feel dealing with everyday challenges. Humor releases the happiness hormone and suppresses cortisol, the stressful hormone making you feel lively and enthusiastic. 


Smart work is a better way of staying productive by getting more done while you also enjoy time doing things that you love. All work and no play makes you feel beat and not reach your full potential. These tips let you have a good time each day as you get everything done on time.