Top Ways to Monetize your Blog Website to Start Building your Digital Portfolio

As our world is becoming more and more digitalized, digital assets are becoming more accessible. These assets aren’t just photos or videos but can be any content in any format. Storing this content digitally will provide value to your business. So, building digital asset portfolios for your business is important as it will influence your customers buying behaviour and build brand awareness. The increased network capacity, low costs and essential digital media infrastructure has made accessibility of digital assets simpler. This accessibility makes it more lucrative for businesses to build and buy digital assets.

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Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common and easiest ways that businesses use to monetise their blog website. This means that your blog website promotes other businesses’ products for a commission when there is a sale made. Size of your traffic and responsiveness of your audience will determine where you will be starting. Having large consumer base is useful as it means you have a good foundation and chances to make commissions. If you are an established business, it will be easier for you to earn the commission. It is important to decide what products you affiliate, the more they relate to your content the more likely you will earn your commission as your customers are more likely to buy them. However, it still might take some time for you to see results, but as traffic grows the more results, you will notice.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful way to monetise your blog. You can directly market and promote your blog to your customers. A sign that your customers are interested in your business and products is when they opt in for email marketing. So, this is one of the most effective ways in converting customers to sales. Personalising your emails is important and you need to invest time in doing so to make them effective. Building an email list of your customers is a way to have effective marketing as you can personalise these emails specially for those customers. Usually, if you are a smaller business, the personalisation of emails is easier because your customer base is not as big yet as of a bigger business. However, larger businesses have the advantage to reach out to more customers and to monetise their blog faster. The connection between you and your readers will grow over time so you could generate a good amount of money through the course of email marketing. 

Sell digital products

Creating digital products is another significant way to monetise your blog. This requires less investment than making a physical product and can be precious for your customers. Digital products can be anything you want as long as it goes well with your content. However, creating these digital products needs an extensive amount of time to create. By creating webinars and virtual summits you can market your products and to connect to the consumers. This engages your customers and is a lot more interactive. 


Advertisements are probably the hardest way to monetise your blog. They are usually pay-per-click, which means you will need a lot of traffic to make a suitable amount of profit. If you are a larger business with a lot of traffic, this is the best way to monetise your blog. But any business who chooses to use this way to monetise their blog website needs to consider the products they are promoting. Using the strategy of promoting products related to your content, the visitor is much more likely to click on the advertisement with a relating topic. 

These ways are great to monetise your blog, but all of them will take time to make you money, especially if you are a smaller business. For smaller businesses email marketing will be the better option to monetise your blog because you are directly reaching out to your customers with high value products, but it doesn’t have to be physical products as it can be articles valuable for your customer. Affiliate marketing and advertising are similar but if you have smaller traffic affiliate marketing is easier to use. If you have a lot of traffic on your blog website advertisements are a great way to make passive income. The consistency and effort you put in to monetise your blog will reflect in your results.

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