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As a content developer I am under a lot of pressure to produce content that is unique, engaging and sticky. If don’t keep my approach fresh and visually stimulating at any given moment there are literally thousands of similar individuals ready to take food out of my mouth and deliver better, more creative content at a moment’s notice if. Enter Visme.

Visme Killed PowerPoint

Now I am sure you have all heard the old saying: Death by PowerPoint! Well those days are over. With Visme, a very robust, intuitive and use friendly web based presentation tool, I am taking surprising myself on a daily basis. Well I at least want to call it a presentation tool for purposes of making it sound very simple. The truth is that Visme is so much more than a presentation tool. Infographics, banners, products demos, reports and literally any type of visual representation of data in an awesome and eye-catching manner is a just few clicks away.

Job Landed

Think for example all the thousands of job seekers calling and sending their resumes to recruiters and companies alike. What sets each individuals resume apart? Well apart from perhaps those three months interning at that large law firm in New York or that short course in project management, probably nothing much. Now imagine if you could take a blank canvas and through pictures create a story of how you worked your through college, went back packing through India (learning much needed interpersonal skills) and volunteered at that non-profit that gave you a global perspective. Using images of mountains and breathtaking landscapes, a short video clip of you learning that foreign language and helping move those endangered elephants to safety.

Well look no further. Containing done-for-you professional and creative templates, fonts that will make your imagination run wild and a selection of colors, graphs and those cool looking shapes and icons that are all the rage in the infographic scene right now. Consider that new job landed, as you will quite simply outpace and outshine you completion – with Visme, with ease.


The World: Your Blank Canvas

Using Visme’s free account gives you up to 3 projects, 100 MB storage and the ability to download a JPEG or publish online. The free version does contain the Visme brand though but once you have experienced its sheer power, I doubt that will even bother you. But if you unlock all the great features that Visme provides, you are better off going for the Pro version.

Being a creatively impaired human being (my wife’s words, not mine). I enjoy how easy it is to literally drag and drop, copy and paste text, images, fonts and icons. The user interface is sleek and responds at a click of a button. If you faking until you make it, you can also make your projects private or public – instantly.

I Challenge You

Go to right now and give it a spin. Chances are you will be hooked and spend the next hour and a half trying to take over the world (or marketing department at least). Right now I sit with a very real problem. Trying to convince myself not to use Visme as opposed to going back to the dull graveyard of presentation-land. Well I choose to win. I choose Visme.

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