Using a VPN While Traveling: Benefits and How to Choose Best VPN

In transit, waiting for the connecting flights can get quite long, boring and monotonous for many. It is often the best time to catch up on your TV shows. Imagine a way you could stream unobstructed TV shows despite your location and not being concerned about your device’s security meanwhile being connected to a public Wifi!


Traveling in today’s day and age requires an active Internet connection, often exposing you to high-security risks. As opposed to your local Internet Service Provider, using Open or semi-public Wi-Fi (airports, train stations, cafes) or shared PCs expose you to a number of cybercriminals waiting to prey on your devices using malware and phishing attacks to breach your data.

Open and unprotected connections enable anyone on the same network (ranging from hundreds to thousands of individuals) to gain access to your device through easy decryption. Usernames, passwords, Visa numbers, Browser Cookies can be readily breached from any web-browser which further risks any connected device for a similar attack- In the worst cases, special malware are programmed to create a botnet infecting one computer to another. However, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) shields you from the majority of these with just a click!

Reasons for using a VPN for traveling

1. Securing your Digital Footprint

To ensure their residents, numerous administrations, including the US and Canada, have distributed security precautionary measures about utilizing open WiFi. Signing in to free open Wi-Fi can open you up to a risk of data breach by cybercriminals. Algorithms are set in a way that in order to use Wi-Fi, users need a login password, for the connections which don’t require such sign-ins they are often indicated as insecure. Using VPNs can overcome this by acting as an intermediary tunnel encrypting the information exchange between the browser and the user. Hence blocking off any suspicious attacks.

2. Access Blocked Sites

Due to heavy censorship imposed by the government, many countries block websites, social media channels, and other mediums. This is especially common in Asian nations, including China, Burma, Vietnam, and Thailand. However, with PureVPN you can choose a nation where the site is accessible and enjoy an unimpeded websurf. For Example: With an India VPN, you can connect to an Indian server that can grant you unrestricted access to Hotstar from anywhere in the world.

Another case of this is Voice over Internet Protocol services (like Skype, Facetime, and Whatsapp) blocked in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. At the point when in these districts, clients need to utilize a VPN to get to VoIP services.

The Secure Socket Tunneling Protocols developed by Microsoft in VPNs helps in this case. SSTP is used for send – receive of Point to Point Protocol traffic over Secure Socket Layer and Transmission Control Protocol always ensuring a smooth bypass of firewall or any hindrance for seamless access to favorite content online.

3. Access to TV Shows

Often popular streaming websites such as Hulu, BBC, or Starz Play have extremely restricted content and only available in certain regions of the world. Which would be quite a bummer if you are planning to binge-watch your favorite season while you’re on vacation. This is the place a VPN proves to be extremely. You can set your ‘end-point’ with the preferred country using a wide variety of VPN servers and after that have the option to get stream without any hassle!

In 2016 Netflix took action against VPNs after their worldwide launch. Netflix has since had the option to prevent heaps of VPNs from enabling clients to utilize their administration however, there are as yet a bunch of VPNs that work with Netflix. Some of which are IndiaVPN.

Important VPN features to consider while traveling

1. Value for Money

Pricing is often the most crucial aspect of choosing the right VPN, this is because often when a service is free the user is being extorted in ways they aren’t aware. Often free VPN providers keep logs of the data transferred on the internet and provide vpn statistics which can then be sold on the dark web. But fret not, not all free services are a sham! VPN services such as PureVPN are completely safe and secure to browse with.

2. A wide variety of VPN servers to choose from

Pick a VPN provider that gives you unprecedented autonomy in choosing server location. Most offer US, Canada, UK and Netherlands with numerous cities to choose from. A VPN ensures a secure connection while bypassing through the traffic in these countries using OpenVPN Protocols such as UDP/TCP.

3. Device integration and compatibility

Morden use of technology has increased the dependability on electronic devices but even more than that it has increased the importance of interconnecting them to ensure easy transfer of files and other material through devices. Due to this fact, it is important for the VPN you choose should have an extremely versatile interface and compatible with all sorts of devices. 

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